Transfer Car Registration from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

The car registration transfer from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is done at the headquarters of Dubai Traffic police or the official license center of RTA. The new and the present owner of the car should be available during the transfer of car registration. 

Process of transferring the Car

The process of transfer from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is very long. Dubai authorities can’t simply transfer Dubai car registration and number to any other emirates. It is not just in Dubai but across all the seven emirates. The Dubai number plate and the car should be deregistered in Dubai and later re-registered in any other emirates of choice of the new car owner. The starting steps of deregistering the car should be taken by the car owner. The registration and its other formalities are processed in the RTA center in the UAE. 

Export the Car

Cars without any valid number plate should not be driven on the roads in the UAE. The new owner should make arrangements for physical transport of the car by a lorry to Abu Dhabi. The cost is estimated at around AED 400 to AED 600 and can vary depending on the requirement. Export documents related to transport should be obtained from RTA in Dubai. In Abu Dhabi, the new car owner can start initiating the car registration. 

Re-register your Car

This process will begin by requesting a vehicle permit application and this application should be filled out by the new owner. The application permit and all the required documents should be presented to the authorities. The authorities will proceed with checking the vehicle history. If there are any penalties related to the traffic violation they should be paid off by the first owner. 

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What to do when you have a loan?

A car may be purchased on a loan and if in case the car is on an ongoing lease or bank loan then the owner of the car is the company that financed the car. So technically the legal formalities should be processed. The old owner can pay off the loan or they can get a no objection certificate from the bank for transferring the loan amount to the new car owner. The transfer amount will be adjusted in the car price which is agreed by both parties. The financial institution or the bank should be informed about the lease on the car.

What happens to your current Car Insurance?

The present car insurance policy can be closed by terminating or transferring to the new owner in Abu Dhabi. The point to remember is that the insurance should be valid until the next 7 months if they are transferring to the new owner. If this is not possible then the car insurance should be either renewed or canceled. The insurance policyholder will get a refund on a pro-rata basis. The new car owner in Abu Dhabi should purchase the insurance policy if the original insurance is expired. 

After completing these formalities the final documents should be procured. The transfer of ownership and car registration can be completed in Abu Dhabi. The former owner and the new owner can now go to complete the process of registration. After the registration is done the new owner will get the latest registration card. The new number plate and the documents will be issued in the name of the new owner. 

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What documents are required to Transfer Car Registration from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

Below are the documents which are required by both the car owners. The new car owner and the old car owner should keep these documents handy to complete the registration process hassle-free. 

Documents required by new car owner

  • UAE Driving license both original and  a copy
  • A copy of Emirates ID
  • Passport copy with residence address
  • Original Insurance certificate

Documents required by the Current owner

  • Registration card of the car (Mulkiya)
  • A copy of Emirates ID
  • If the car is purchased on loan then the final loan payment document.
  • If the loan is transferred to the new owner then a no objection letter from the bank or financial institution.
  • The number plate of the vehicle

Points to remember

  • All the penalties should be cleared by the former car owner. The original car owner can check the fines on the website and pay them as soon as possible. 
  • Insurance can be transferred to the new owner but the validity after the transfer should be at least 7 months. 
  • The remaining amount on the loan can be paid off and get it cleared or there is an option of transferring the loan to the new owner and this requires a no objection certificate from the bank
  • Both the car owners should be present at the RTA office during the process of re-registration
  • If the current owner passed away then the transfer of car registration is a little difficult as you need to go through a different process. The nominee of the car or the next owner should be physically present at the registration office. The death certificate should be produced to the authorities and the rest of the process will follow. 

Take away

It is an achievement to buy a new car or second-hand car. The process of buying a new car is very simple and easy but it is a little tricky in the case of used cars. Having the right information and following the right process you can have the transfer of car registration done from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The paperwork and the physical work will follow when you want to transfer the car registration from emirates to emirates

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