Everyone is UAE is well aware of VOX cinemas which is one of the biggest movie theatre chains in the entire Middle East. It currently runs 129 movie screens across the UAE. In the very famous Mall of the Emirates, Vox Cinemas is considered as an important partnership which has a total of 24 screens.

It is considered the best and is a favorite not only amongst the movie buffs but also rare visitors. This is due to multiple reasons right from the ambiance, movie experience to the best credit card offers the company provides. Overall, VOX cinemas provide a better movie experience than competitors to the people in UAE which has wooed and kept them glued.

Even Banks in UAE have begun providing exclusive movie offers on credit cards in UAE. VOX Cinemas provides exclusive movie ticket offers on purchases made with credit cards.

Here’s a list of few banks which provide movie ticket offers on Credit Cards:

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1. Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD has an Emirates NBD Go4it credit card scheme, with following offers:


  • Get two Standard tickets/ VIP tickets for just AED 45. Where the regular cost is AED 70 for 2.
  • Grab a large popcorn and liquid refreshments for the next lowest price.
  • Can avail these features 2-6 times per month in all VOX Cinemas all over UAE


  • Minimum salary AED 10,000.
  • To avail these offers, minimum expenditure is required.


 ADCB Touchpoints Credit Card is the card provided by ADCB to avail the best movie offers.


  • Buy one ticket using your ADCB Touchpoints Credit Card and get one free.
  • You can avail this offer 2-4 times per month in any of the VOX Cinemas.


  • Minimum salary of AED 8000 – AED 40,000.
  • No minimum purchase is required to avail this.

3. FGB

You must get an FGB Ferrari Infinite Credit Card or FGB Ferrari Signature Credit Card to avail the offers listed below.


  • Get 50% discount when you purchase tickets on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • Get 50% discount on your movie ticket purchases for Wednesday with FGB Ferrari Infinite Credit Card.


  • Minimum salary of AED 12,000 is required.
  • Minimum spendings of AED 1500 required before availing these offers at Vox Cinemas.


NBAD provides various credit cards like NBAD Visa Platinum Credit Card, NBAD Visa Infinite Credit Card, NBAD Visa Signature Credit Card to avail movie ticket offers.  


  • Get 50% on ticket purchases for Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Get 20 tickets maximum per month with these cards by NBAD.


  • Minimum salary requirement AED 10,000

5. CBD

CBD Gold Mastercard, CBD Visa Infinite and Visa Infinite Islamic Card and Visa Signature Credit Card are the Credit Cards by CBD required to avail movie ticket offers.


  • Get 50% discount on movie tickets in VOX Cinemas.
  • Can get up to 4 tickets per month.


  • Minimum salary requirement AED 8000


HSBC bank offers Premier, Advance, Black, Cashback and Platinum Credit Cards to its customers to avail offers on their credit cards.


  • Buy a ticket and get free movie tickets.
  • 2 tickets free on HSBC Advance, Platinum and Cashback credit cards
  • 3 tickets free on HSBC Premier credit card and HSBC Black credit card


  • Minimum salary requirement 5000 AED.

7. Standard Chartered Bank

Get Standard Chartered Credit Card to avail movie offers.


  • Buy movie tickets using Standard Chartered Card and get an equal number of free tickets.
  • Get 3-4 free tickets per month.
  • Buy one medium popcorn and get 50% off on the purchase of second medium popcorn.


  • Minimum salary of 5000 AED is required.
Apart from these, there are a few more banks which provide wide range offers on movie tickets at Vox Cinemas. Grab one of these cards today and have a great time watching movies at Vox Cinemas.