UAE has the presence of large global banks along with a number of national and Islamic banks. The banking sector of UAE is growing day after day. Yet it is not possible for every company to be listed. Hence it may happen that you find yourself working for a company which is not listed with the bank. And if your company is not listed then it gets very difficult to avail a personal loan in UAE. But before drawing any conclusion, let us first understand what it all means and how to go about it.

What does “companies listed with the bank” mean?

Coming back to UAE, banks here rely mostly on other information to verify a person’s credit-worthiness, information such as working company, employer company’s revenue, the number of employees, past records.

Usually, large companies are listed with banks, but if you don’t know, you can call that particular bank and inquire if your company is listed or not. 

How do companies get listed with banks?

Every bank has its own set of guidelines and criteria for adding a company on its list of approved companies. They usually take into consideration

  • Revenues and scale of the business
  • Number of employees
  • Duration of business in Emirates (usually, minimum 2 years).
  • Past financial records/stability

Each bank has its own set benchmark for the factors listed above, and in order to be approved, the respected companies need to qualify on those set benchmarks.

Since there are numerous large and small companies in the UAE, it is not possible for every company to be listed. And this has been a little unfair towards employees of non-listed companies who are looking to avail personal loans. To overcome this, banks in the UAE are working collectively to expand this list and try including as many companies as they could.

Can you avail personal loan if your company is not on the “approved list of companies”?

Yes, you can avail personal loan even if your company is not listed. There are a few banks which sanction loans to employees whose company is not listed. They look at other criteria, though the list of these banks is comparatively small, they do offer loans. Some banks also consider cases even if the client’s company is not listed on the approved list, provided you submit proof of long stable income source. Also, in such cases, your borrowing amount gets affected and rates may vary likewise.

Banks providing personal loan to employees of non-listed companies in UAE:

  1. Dubai Islamic Bank Liability Settlement Finance for expats: The minimum salary required for this loan is AED 10,000. The maximum financed amount is AED 20,00,000. The interest rate is charged on a reducing balance amount method, the flat rate starts from 6% pa and reducing rate starts from 11% pa. This rates may vary depending on the applicant’s profile.
  2. ADCB Islamic Banking Personal Finance For UAE Nationals: The minimum salary requirement is AED 10,000. The maximum financed amount is AED 4,000,000. Arrangement fee charged is 1.05%. The interest rate is charged on a reducing balance method. The interest rate starts from 5% p.a. The rate and finance amount vary depending on the client’s profile
  3. Emirates NBD Personal Cash Loan: The minimum salary requirement is AED 12,000. The maximum financed amount is AED 500,000. Arrangement fee charged is 1%. The interest rate is charged on a reducing balance method.

These are just a few of the limited banks that offer a personal loan to salaried people, irrespective of whether or not, their employer is listed with the bank. However, this is not the end of the story. There are more personal financial products offered by various banks to non-listed companies employees. Be sure to compare them and verify all the rates before finalizing one.

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