5 new year resolutions that can help you financially

Resolution is nothing but a proper planning or setting a goal. It can be anything from quitting some old habits to adopting few new ones. Everyone tends to set some resolutions for the new year, most of us include some physical goals and forget about finances. Financial goals are must be it as a new year resolution or birthday resolutions. Financial planning helps us in a long run.

Here are the few resolutions you should consider and start your new year with

Make a budget

This is the easiest resolution you can ever make. Usually, resolutions involve a bit pain as you need give up something but planning your budget involves nothing. You just need to record your expenses. Make a note of the cash flow i.e what is your monthly income and what are your expenses. Having a track of your expenses will make you realize your unnecessary expenses and cut it down probably and put it in some savings which will help you anytime.

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Try clearing your debts

Clearing the debts could be a bigger task but by it can be achieved if you plan properly. If you have debts then half of your money is going to paying monthly interests. If you get some extra cash in work, try to clear the debts. Cut down useless expenses and make a proper use of it which can help you get rid of your debts sooner.

Improve credit score

Everyone is aware how important a credit score is. Make sure you boost it this year and maintain a good number. Make sure you pay your loan interest rates, credit card bills etc as early as possible. Make a habit of clearing your monthly interest rates first as soon as you get your salary. Close useless credit cards which are not in use. There won’t be any drastic increase but it will be improved slowly and will have a good impact definitely.

Start saving

Savings can remind you of saving accounts. But you can save your money without a savings account. You can save each and every coin you get. If you pay in cash while shopping and get some change then the first thing you need to do after going home is to put it in a jar each time. A savings account is preferable when you want to save some bulk amount. Coins are something you get most often. Rather than wasting it you can save it and can make a productive use of it. It can be even useful in clearing some monthly debts.

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Avoid unnecessary expenses

Useless expenses can include everything right from a gym membership to dining out often. This is where most of your hard earnings go in vain. Gym or some other service membership is waste if you are not a regular visitor. Dining out is one of the most favorite things everyone prefers to. But make sure you don’t make this as a habit and waste your money. Try cooking at home and save your money and health too.

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Start 2018 with these resolutions and make sure you follow them rightly. Financial resolution helps you for a long time. It can help you in having a peaceful life even after retirement. It can be achieved only if you plan your current finances in a proper way.

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