Know all about ADIB Direct

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) Direct provides a cash management facility which covers working capital requirements anywhere around the world. You can view your account details and do transactions from your mobile devices and computer. 

The best configuration facility of ADIB Direct will enable flexibility to access, better security and you can have control over your payments. 

ADIB Direct Login

ADIB Direct in a systematic manner would replace eADIB. You can log in to get access to ADIB Direct or visit

Currently, ADIB Direct is available only in the English language. In the future, it has plans to include the Arabic language as well. 

ADIB business direct mobile banking app is designed for Android or iPhone smartphones. This app is available on Google play store or App store. You just need to have an internet connection to access the ADIB Direct. 

ADIB Direct Features

  • Provides financial information and forecasting facility for your accounts.
  • Reduces your time and cost in payments 
  • Detailed information on all transactions
  • Transactions alerts are provided through mobile phones, web notifications
  • Customer service through a digital medium
  • Efficiency and context related menus so that usability is easy
  • Dashboards views with detailed information
  • Graphical presentation of data
  • Transactions limits for payments and security
  • Instinctive mobile apps for Android smartphones or tablets or iOS 
  • Various Payment types are available and easy to access

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ADIB Direct Inquiries, Payments and Service Requests

It provides a Digital online banking platform with access to all devices for managing accounts.

ADIB provides payroll services through the online facility for instant credit of salary. For cash management options such as salary payments.

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ADIB Direct Banking

You can have the facility of cash deposited in your account and cash delivered at your office. 

You will get cash deposited securely in the machine and funds will be credited on the same day. Just scan your cheques and the bank will clear them quickly. 

A digital signed cheque can be printed at your premises or at any location with a cheque printing facility. 

You can get a consolidated statement of multiple accounts of different banks with ADIB banking. It provides two-factor authentication both for login and payments. 

You can order a customized cheque book with your company logo. For online transactions, you can increase your transaction limits. 

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ADIB Direct Collect

You can get greater convenience with ADIB for managing customer payments with an automated process. Funds collection can be done through virtual accounts with online accounts.   

For greater efficiency, you can enable your systems directly with the bank’s system. It allows bulk payments directly to the ADIB payment engine. 

SWIFT network facility can be set up for increased volumes of transactions between customers and banks.

Automated sweeping solutions provide maximum benefits and optimize your account for reporting and special solutions. 

ADIB Direct Transactions

In ADIB Direct banking, you can view account balances, check the history of your transactions, view bank statements, transfer money for payments, manage beneficiaries, transfer funds  between within the same bank or even others. 

You can also make international transfers, pay salaries, utility bill payments, give standing instructions to the bank for any payments.

ABID Direct Security 

It provides a Security token device which is valid for transactions on ADIB Direct. If you have lost your security token please reach out to your relationship manager or nearest branch and they will issue a new security token for doing transactions. The security token can be issued only to one user. 

If you have changed your registered mobile number and email id, you have to contact the bank and submit an application form for the profile amendment. 

Your details will get updated on the record. You will receive notifications on the new email id and phone number that you have updated. 

Security Tips

  • To use ADIB Internet Banking always log in using url ‘” 
  • Look for a lock icon in the address bar when you are trying to log in. 
  • You can verify by clicking on the lock icon to see a certificate issued by DigiCert SHA2 to Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank PJSC with validity proof. If you find any discrepancy inform by sending an email at or call at 600543216. If you are outside UAE, call +971 2 6100600 and complain.
  • On a regular basis change your internet banking password
  • Use anti-virus software and firewall devices
  • To avoid malicious software stealing your information, you can use virtual keyboard on the  login page. 
  • After you use your account do not forget to log off from the session.

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