Dubai is one of the biggest business hubs in the world, there will be several investors and employees working here. One thing everyone requires is a bank account.

Getting a bank account can be a simple process which involves quite a few steps like choosing a right bank, account type and submit the required documents.

Select a Bank

This can be a bit complicated if you are new to Dubai. So under such conditions most of them prefer foreign-based banks but, there are several banks which are globally famous and provides the best savings accounts in UAE like Emirates NBD, ADCB, etc.,

More than the name, it is important to check whether the bank can fulfill your requirements with additional benefits. So check for the top banks in UAE, and select the best one which suits your preferences and provides a wide range of benefits. Apart from the requirements, it is also important to check which bank has a good number of ATMs and at least an ATM closer to your place. 

Banks in UAE provide Offshore Accounts where customers who are not UAE Residents can maintain a savings account with some minimum balance.

Choose an Account type

Once you have decided with the bank, check the type of account you want. There are different types of accounts like Savings account and Current account. A Savings account is something which provides interest rates on your account balance whereas a Current account does not provide any interest rate on the balance maintained.

There can be various Savings accounts and Current accounts in each bank. Select the one which can fit your requirements after getting a clear picture of pros and cons involved.

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone with the proper documents can open a bank account.

  • Minimum age of 18 yrs is required and minors under 18 yrs can open a joint account
  • Both UAE Nationals and Expats are eligible
  • Non-UAE Residents are also eligible
  • Minimum balance maintenance – Each bank has their own minimum balance criteria

Required Documents

  • A valid Passport
  • Salary certificate(If applicable)
  • Trade Licence(For Self Employed)
  • Payslips
  • Emirates ID

Tips to Choose a Right Account

Choosing an account can be easy but you need to check few things before opting for one

  • Check the minimum balance to be maintained
  • Compare interest rates provided at each bank
  • Fees and charges associated with the account for non-maintenance of balance
  • Check the benefits provided like a free debit card, checkbook, and more
  • Cash withdrawal flexibility at ATMs

Once you are done choosing a particular bank and account type, get the application form from the bank officials or website and fill the form. Submit the form along with the documents required. It would take maximum of 48 working hours to approve your application and to activate your account. You will be provided with the account number and additional benefits like a debit card, checkbook, etc. if any.

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