Emirates Vehicle Gate is an electronic portal that offers more than 50 services which are associated with automobiles. It will link you to the major government and private organizations. The services of issuing insurance & renewal, accident claim process, registration of the vehicle, ownerships, and renewal. You can also pay penalties by logging into the Emirates vehicle gate. 

This online portal will help you to view your driving license, enquire about payments, check the status of fines, and much more. Emirates Vehicle Gate is an e-portal that was introduced by the Govt of UAE. 


It is mandatory to have third-party insurance in the UAE. If any individual fails to have then the penalty of AED 500 and black points are marked on the driving license. The vehicle will get seized for 7 days. 

With EVG you can have access to purchasing new insurance. You can get quotations from the insurance company on the portal. All you have to do is log in to the portal. Select your vehicle and press buy insurance. Once you do this, you have to verify the details. Click on the submit button and send an insurance request for approval. 

If you are buying a secondhand car then you have to check the history of the car. You can do this in the following ways.

  • Create an account with Emirates Vehicle Gate
  • Enter the login page and enter the account 
  • Click over “Accident Inquiry”
  • Provide the chassis number of your vehicle
  • Get the accident history of the vehicle

Penalty payments

You can check the penalty and make the payments. Find out the outstanding fine amount. Choose the fine you have to pay. Use your payment mode, either debit or credit card, and make the payment. 

How to obtain a New registration card?

Login to the EVG portal. Select the automobile and press issue new registration card tab. Follow the three-step renewal process. You should be required to provide your details on Complete registration with EVG, log in details, valid motor vehicle insurance, pass certificate of vehicle registration, and a Compulsory fee of AED 380. With the issue of a new registration card, you can get details of vehicles that are registered under a driving license. 

You can print vehicle details by logging into the account. Select the plate number and see the details. You can also print the vehicle details. 

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How to check expiry dates and number plates?

To check about your vehicle use the Emirates Vehicle Gate login credentials. Sign in to the page and select the Reserved plate option. Here you can check reserved number plates and expiry dates. 

Also, if you want a vehicle certificate you can obtain it from the portal. Enter the vehicle certificate number in the space provided. A certificate will be generated on the screen and you can use the certificate. 

How to check driving license details?

You can check the details of the driving license on the portal. All you have to do is click on the Driving license info option. You can view driving license information and also print a copy of the document. You can also check the black points of the driver. 

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Renew and change of address

You can also renew your driving license with Emirates Vehicle Gate. Before you renew you clear all penalties and should have a clean chit. Enter all the details as requested on the screen. You will be navigated to the confirmation page. Check the details and confirm by making the payment. Once you make the payment your certificate will be renewed. 

How to Register on the Emirates Vehicle Gate?

To register on the Emirates Vehicle Gate all you should have is the below documents. 

  • Traffic code number
  • National number
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Verify your details and once it is done complete the paperwork and registration process. 

How to contact Emirates Vehicle Gate?

You can contact Emirates Vehicle Gate by phone, email or even by visiting the branch. The following are the contact details. 

  • Emirates Vehicle Gate Contact Number – 600588888
  • Emirates Vehicle Gate Email – contact@evg.ae
  • Emirates Vehicle Gate Address – 1st Street, Al Rawdah, W56, Abu Dhabi, Ministry of Interior


With Emirates Vehicle Gate you can manage your vehicle accident claims in the UAE. Check your car history and pay traffic penalties on the portal. This will facilitate the customers to save time and avoid delays in payments.  

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