mPay is nothing but a mobile application launched by the government of the UAE to help its citizens in paying their utility bills, Etisalat bills and traffic fines all just in a single click by downloading the application.

This mobile application can also be used in cases of Salik recharge and RTA fines where it becomes flexible for people to pay the fees or fines via mobile application. This application is being used by a number of government entities to pay the above-mentioned fines and bills.

Features of mPay

This is one of the astounding features of mpay introduced by Dubai e-government where the customer who uses the application can pay the bills and fines automatically.

This auto payment also allows users to have multiple accounts for one government service. For instance, the app user can do Salik recharge for more than one car they own by using their mpay account.

Services for which you can pay using mPay

Once you get registered and logged in to the application, you can pay the bills and fines of some of the below-mentioned services

  • Dubai Municipality
  • Etisalat
  • DEWA
  • RTA
  • Dubai police
  • Dubai cares
  • Dubai customs

How to use mPay?

In order to use this service, one should first get registered to the same by entering their credit card details in the mobile application. You can get registered both on the mobile application or on the official website of mPay.

You can get this application in both the Android and iOS store to install and use it for your payments.

Steps to get registered

  • Visit the official website of mPay
  • Click on “Register”
  • Fill the details of “personal information” as well as “mPay account information”
  • Personal information consists of details like “name”, “Emirates ID”, “Challenge question”, “Challenge answer”, ”Date of birth”, “Emirate”, “Nationality”.
  • mPay account information includes “ Email address”, “Password”, “Preferred SMS language”.
  • Once you are done with filling these details, you will be moved to the next step where you will get an activation code
  • The other two steps are “Payment data” and “Manage subscriptions”
  • You can avail mPay login with your Email ID and password once the registration gets completed.

How can you pay the bills using mPay?

As we know by now that we can pay the bills and fines using mPay application, here’s how you can do it.

Once you have selected one of the above-mentioned services to pay the bills or fines, for example, if you have selected Etisalat to pay the bills, you will be asked to add a new account for the same by filling the details like

  • Account name
  • Service type
  • Account number
  • Auto payment mode “on” or “off”
  • Maximum amount
  • Payment to be made every “Day”/ “Week”/”Month”

Once you have filled the details, click on “Save” and your account information will be saved so that you can pay the bills when you go through “Etisalat” service.


mPay is one of the best steps taken by Dubai e-government where you can pay the bills and fines within no time just by a single click after installing the application.

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