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RTA Taxi – What all you need to know

Dubai Taxi Corporation’s Fleet comprises approximately a count of 3854 vehicles active all day (24 hours a day) in all the 7 days of the week which includes religious and public holidays. You can differentiate the RTA taxis from the other vehicles by observing their neat and clean interior.

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Different types of taxis

Airport Taxis

These taxis are available to deliver services at Dubai International Airport . With the help of airport taxis, you can always get connected to other emirates in the country.


  • You can expect spacious vehicles that are regularly maintained
  • You can get your services done by professional drivers
  • 24/7 service assistance will be helpful to people who approach these taxis
  • You can find airport taxis at terminal 1,2 and 3 of the Dubai international airport


Using airport taxis will cost you a fee of AED 25 on the meter and AED 1.96 per kilometer


You can book this service by calling 80088088

Ladies and Family Taxi

These are the special and specific taxis that are designed for ladies and families. These taxis can be used by ladies and families of any nationality and can be booked through Dispatch center directly or can be picked by at Dubai international airport or any other shopping mall depending upon the availability of the taxi at the moment of booking.

You can differentiate these taxis from others by the pink rooftop they have.


  • Safe transfer of women, families, and children can be expected from these taxis
  • As these taxis are modern and well maintained, there will be no question about the comfort you experience
  • The female drivers of these taxis are professional and offer you high-end professional services
  • You can find these vehicles at 1,2,3 terminals of Dubai international airport
  • The services of these taxis are available 24/7


  • A kilometer is calculated at AED 1.96 at the airport where the meter reads at AED 25
  • Meter starts at AED 9 from 6 am to 10 pm
  • From 10pm to 6am meter will start at 4 dirhams
  • Meter starts at AED 10 and AED 12 if its the case of booking.


You can book this service by calling 80088088

Public taxi

This public taxi is usually available for all the people who want to use DTC taxis in UAE for different purposes they wish to travel. People can identify these taxis by the red rooftop and these taxis can be used to travel to shopping malls, metro stations, hospitals etc.,


  • Public taxis are regularly maintained taxis available for all the customers that are willing to avail their services
  • Competitive rates are available in this taxi that makes the journey comfortable to passengers.
  • Booking for this taxi is easy and convenient
  • With the professional drivers they have, you can experience a comfortable journey and the arrival of the taxi within 45 minutes of booking
  • The customers can benefit always from the 24/7 services they get from the taxis

Fares of the taxi

  • Meter of the public taxi usually begins with a fare of AED 5.50 in between 6 am and 10 pm
  • In the case of booking the taxi, the meter starts from AED 10 and AED 12
  • And the meter starts from AED 5 from 10 pm to 6 am


You can book this service by calling 04-2080808 or by means of either mobile app or website

Limousine taxi

The Limousine taxi provided by DTC is a luxury chauffeur driven vehicle that is driven to serve the needs of tourism industry clients like hotel operators, airlines etc. People of Dubai, as well as other emirates, can avail the services of this taxi


  • Luxury vehicles like Tesla, Infiniti, and Lexus are maintained for the rides
  • The rides of these taxis are available at competitive rates
  • Charging modes of various sorts like zone based, time-based and meter based are available
  • The ride is usually comfortable with the professional drivers riding it
  • Complimentary meet and greet services at the  Dubai International airport terminals 1,2 and 3 are offered.
  • You can also expect luggage assistance, customized welcoming, personal welcoming as a part of these services


  • Calculation of kilometer starts at AED 3.25 and fare will be at AED 25 on the meter(from airports)
  • Outside the airport, fare is at AED 7.5 on the meter


You can book this service by calling 80088088 or by means of mobile app or website

Hatta taxi

Services of this taxi can be utilized by the people who live in the city of Hatta but they according to jurisdiction, they can be used to pick and drop the people who belong to Dubai as well.

This taxi can be used only from the areas like Al Sabkha which near the public bus station and Al Aweer that is near the fruit and vegetable market. There is a flexibility of this taxi where it can be used exclusive riding of a customer or can be used for shared purposes where the ride can be shared among 6 passengers.

However, the reservation of this taxi can only be done at Hatta residence via Dispatch center whereas the people of other emirate residences can only visit the places Al Awaar and Al Sabkha to utilize the service.


  • The services of this taxi are available 24/7
  • Modern and regularly maintained vehicles are used for the rides
  • Professional drivers carry out the rides providing comfort and convenience to the passengers


  • Fare starts at AED 5.50 on the meter from 6 am to 10 pm
  • Fare starts at 5 dirhams on the meter at 10 am to 6 pm
  • Fare is AED 10-12 in case of booking and distribution


You can book this service by calling 04-2080808 or by using a mobile app called Smart Taxi

Mashaweer Taxi

Mashaweer is a new service that got introduced recently for totally trained and competent drivers to the parties who are interested for a limited period of time be it weekly or monthly as per the agreement between the two parties, provided that the customer should provide things like fuel, vehicle, and insurance as with Mashaweer you can get a professional driver without a taxi.


  • Drivers you get from this service are professional
  • Services are available 24/7


  • AED 250 is charged if the service is used for 8 hours
  • AED 1000 for weekly 5 working days
  • AED 3500 for monthly 22 working days


You can book this service by calling 80088088 or by contacting them through the Email ID Insafehands.Mashawer@dtc.gov.ae.


Rental services are provided by DTA to travel within the city of Dubai with booking in advance of 24 hours.

You can book your taxi rentals in Dubai by using the following applications


  • Well maintained vehicles are used for rental purposes
  • Professional drivers and easy bookings
  • Arrival time is guaranteed within 45 minutes of booking of the service
  • 24/7 availability of services to the customers

Ekar and U drive

Using both these apps, you can get registered, find the car you want to rent and pay for the trip once you are done with driving the car

So, once you get registered which is the first step to use the car rentals, you can locate the car, drive it for a maximum period of 6 hours. This service is provided for over 20 locations in Dubai.

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Dispute form by RTA

Dispute form is the form that has to be filled and submitted in case of any disputes that occur during the ride of the taxi

It includes a form that has to be filled with details like

  • Fine number
  • Dispute type
  • Full name
  • Fine date and time
  • Mobile number
  • Dispute details

Documentation required

  • If the driver is at fault, he has to submit a certified letter from the company to the Public Transport Agency mentioning the reason to go against the rules
  • Copies of Emirates ID, driver’s license, passport and residence, driver’s practice and permit, offending ticket
  • Copy of trade license ( in case of companies)
  • Police verification certificate ( in case of individuals)

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Dubai taxis are comfortable and safe to travel and from the taxis mentioned above, you can enjoy a wide range of services that makes your ride feel safe and secure.

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