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Books always stand as the best source of knowledge and you can always gain valuable information through books. When it comes to financing, you can go through a good number of books that are mentioned below which can come to your rescue when you want to save, make money, invest, come out of debts, etc.,

Best books on personal finance
Best books to read to make money and be rich
Best books on savings
Best books on investments
Books that help you to get out of debt

Best books to read to make money and be rich  

Making money is what we want but in a well-structured way. So, if your aim is to make money, then here are the books you might consider having a look into

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Grab this book and start reading if you are one of the persons who like to pave your way for making money from a young age, then this book is for you. Written by Kiyosaki, this book stands as one of the best books recommended to make money and become rich.

The book contains 13 episodes which provide good insight into different financial management issues to become rich and make money.

Think and Grow Rich

This book stands as a cult classic when it comes to finance. Napoleon Hill deals the financial matters and ways to build wealth from a psychological perspective in this book.

The 13 steps or ways of getting rich and building wealth explained in this book were gathered by Napoleon Hill through his research on 500 self-made millionaires in a period of 20 years. This book gives information on how to set the aim of becoming rich and build wealth and work towards it by setting a plan.

The Richest Man in Babylon

Clason, the author of this book revealed the way to get rich in this book over a century ago. This is also one of the classic books related to finance and the author of the book, Clason explains how rich people remain rich by not spending much money, not getting into debts and saving money wisely.

Clason recommends spending money on yourself which is indeed an important aspect. By spending money on yourself, he means that spending the money on essential things instead of the ones that play a less significant place in your lives.

As a whole, this is one of the best books to consider for personal finance

Best books on savings  

Savings is one of the important aspects while planning your finances. Planning your future well by saving money takes you a long way. Here are the few books that you can consider reading to save money in a well-defined way

365 ways to live cheaply

This is one of the best books you can find on frugal living that also helps in saving money in the long run. Written by Trent Hamm, this book helps the readers to get deeper into saving money in a number of ways possible by cutting down the expenses on multiple things.

You can also find money saving tips and tricks that can lead you to a good way of money management.

Money Secrets of the Amish

Written by Lorilee Craker, this book brings to picture about the 12 hyper frugal living concepts followed by the Amish which includes repurposing, doing without and thrift shopping.

Lorilee Craker also explains how she put into practice the frugal living habits followed by the Amish and the struggles she faced while doing so. This book is one of the best choices for you if your spending habits are out of control and you don’t have a direction, to begin with.

The money saving mom’s budget

Don’t forget to add this book to your list if you are looking for the tips related budget and cutting down the expenses in the simplest ways possible.

Crystal Paine, the author of this book gives a clear idea regarding where to cut expenses, how to make the budget more relevant and also how to get out of your debt if you have any.

Best books on investments  

Investments are a way of developing your already existing finances and make use of your wealth in a wise and skillful way. Below mentioned books on investments are good reads to get well with your investments

Intelligent Investor

Great people like Warren Buffet stated that this book as one of the best books on investing. Not only him, but also many people have a similar opinion in their minds when it comes to this book.

This book is written by Benjamin Graham who is the greatest investment advisor of the 20th century with the concept of “Value investing” that helps people to save themselves from the investment mistakes they can make, be it long term or short term.

The little book of Common sense investing

This book written by John C. Bogle mainly focuses on common sense investing and also delivers important advice on how to minimize costs and maximize the returns on investments.

You can get a good hold of grip and knowledge on how to outweigh the impact of inflation, taxes and the costs involved in investments.

A beginner’s guide to investments

This is the best book to have a place in your shelf if you are a beginner in investments and you need a guide to follow.

Alex. H. Frey, the author of this book explains the core financial statements and the techniques that would be helpful for a risk-free and long term investments.

This book not only gives you knowledge about expectations one should have of doubling the wealth within the next 7 to 10 years but also extends its hand in giving you good financial advice.

Books that help you to get out of debt  

Debts are usually made out of need and necessity. Debts may sometimes give you a tough time while repayments. Here are the few books that help you in dealing with debts and getting out of them.

Zero debts

This book is like a route map for people who are already dealing with debts and wants a way to get out of them.

Written by Lynnette Khalfani Cox, this book reflects a practical financial plan by giving ways to deal with the debt collectors and paying the dues of debts.

The zero debt plan is about teaching you the lifestyle changes that pave a long way in leading a debt free life.

Hustle away debt

This book has its own way of helping you deal with debts by focusing on earning money in the sideways to pay off debts apart from saving the money.

This book aptly suits for those who are struggling to deal with debts and who aren’t sure how to take a second job to repay the debts. It is written by David Carlson and is especially beneficial for the millennials who are looking out for second hustle to pay off the debts.

The Debt escape plan

The debt escape plan is written by Beverly Harzog who cleared off her credit card debt of $20000 within a period of 2 years.

In this book, she explains different strategies to clear off the debt and also gives realistic and useful tips to pay off the debts. You can also get an understanding of how to maintain a good credit score to clear the debts.

Financial management plays a crucial role in anyone’s life and the list of books provided above is the information gathered based on the beginner’s point of view, although it is not a complete list.

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