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Best financial blogs you can follow in 2019

Gaining knowledge about finance is a never-ending story and you will always find something new in the ocean of finance.

If you are a person who wants to get updated with the daily dose of finance, then here are the blogs that provide you with all the information about savings, investments, debts and all the money management topics of finance.

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Best blogs you can reach out for debt management

Debts are a part of the finance and you need to have knowledge on how to tackle them and what steps you can take to help yourself get out of that debt. Here are the few blogs that give an insight regarding the same.

Money Peach

Money Peach came into the picture when Mr. Chris Peach and his wife faced a crisis through debt but managed to pay it off within a period of just 7 months.

Money Peach provides you tips and comprehensive ideas about money saving and management that helps you pay off your debt within a short time. You can also get an online course “Awesome Money Course” from Mr. Peach. This course paves a path to you on how to pay back your debt.

The blog posts and podcasts of Money Peach always extends a helping hand to you to clean up all your debts

Life and my Finances

The tagline of this blog reads “Get out of debt, save money and be rich”. Derek Sall, the founder and author this blog does justice to this tagline by providing you ways with which you can resolve issues regarding your debt.

Not only that, but you can also gain knowledge on varied topics like budgeting and saving, retirement, passive income resources, etc.,

You can also find yourself reading health-related posts that he posts now and then. As Derek and his wife are into real estate as their second source of income, you can find blog posts related to real estate as well.

The College Investor

College Investor got started by Robert Farrington with the main motive of helping the people who look to clear student loan debt and build their wealth. He has been working on this financial blog since 2009.

You can find a good number of articles on dealing with debt, earning, savings and many more important finance related topics.

It is beneficial to find a blog that focuses on finance with its main focus being the student debt clearance.

My Debt Epiphany

This amazing and informative blog was started by Chonce Maddox who paid off a large amount of her debt with the little income she used to receive. Her story has been an inspiration and today she provides financial advice on how to pay off debt, how to save money, live frugally, what not.

This can surely help you in your financial issues related to debt and many more.

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Best blogs on investments

Investment is the best way to preserve the money you have earned and to get good returns on the money you have. Having said that here are the few blogs on investments that you can go through to get a good insight

A Wealth Of Common Sense

This is the right blog for you if you are looking for simple information on investments. The author, Ben Carlson presents the really complicated stuff related to investments in a simpler way thereby making anyone understand his blogs and information easily.

His usage of real-life examples to explain things makes things even more clear to the people who are going through his blog. You can find blog posts almost every day on his blog that are quite helpful and elaborated.

Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai is written and maintained by Sam Dogen who often writes unique and well-scripted articles related to finance. Every article written by him is not only informative but thought-provoking and strikes up a conversation regarding investments.

He also writes on other financial topics as well but his many of his articles are on investments. If you want unique, well-structured blog on investments, then this is the one for you.

Financial Mentor

Todd Tresiddor, the author of this blog holds a mission to provide healthy financial advice to people and better their lives by investing for the future. He has a simpler style of writing that anyone can easily understand.

His main focus is to help people in a financial perspective and his blogs usually include 80% investments and 20% of personal finance.

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Best blogs related to savings

Savings are what makes finances grow and nurture. It’s very important to save your income be it by cutting down your unwanted expenses, by saving the money you earn on your second source of income, etc., On that note, here are a few financial blogs that you can go through to get a clear understanding on savings.

Living well and spending less

This blog is run by Ruth who provides you tons of tips on how to lead an organized life by saving money and has earned thousands of followers globally since the time she established this i.e., in 2010.

With the help of this blog, you will not only get to know about how to save your money but also about how to declutter stress out of your life and achieve your goals. Ruth offers time management, budgeting and other useful topics in this blog.

Mr. Money Moustache

This incredible blog was started by a 40-year-old retiree who wants to share the world about the personal finance and savings tips he knows. He writes several tips on frugal living and savings in this blog.

You can find various topics in this blog like a frugal living, money management, savings, retirement advice, etc.,


Finance always has something left to teach us even though we have learned so much. These financial blogs mentioned above gives you a touch of finance if you are a beginner of finance-related topics and helps you to invest, save and be debt free up to a good extent although they are not the complete list.

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