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A cheque is an important financial tool that reduces the usage of physical cash often. Every bank account holder is provided with a chequebook at the time of account opening. Earlier the number of cheques in a cheque book issued by banks was 25 but later the Central bank of UAE reduced it to 10. These limited cheques rules are not applicable for all customers. Customers with a good track record from the credit bureau are eligible to get 25 leaves in a chequebook. 

And company accounts can get more cheques in the book which depends upon the bank.  

Requesting a Cheque Book at the Bank 

Though the usage of cheques became less frequent with the emerging credit cards and debit cards emerging, there is a good number of people who use cheques for larger transactions. Most of the banks offer the first cheque book for free and later on the new cheque book needs to be applied at the bank or through other means. 

Cheque book can be requested in different ways like, 

-> Can apply at Banks 

The first and regularly practised way to apply for a cheque book in the UAE is by visiting the bank. The account holder can visit the bank and provide a cheque book request letter. The details that need to be added to the letter are the Account holder name, Account Number, Mobile Number. 

Banks also offer a counterfoil that needs to be submitted at the time of getting a new chequebook. The counterfoil has the details of the account number, name and address. The cheque book can also be handed over to any other person mentioned on the counterfoil. 

Once these are submitted, it may take 3-4 business days for the banks to process the request and deliver the new chequebook.       

-> At the ATM 

Some of the banks provide the facility of requesting a new cheque book at the ATMs. Visit the ATM of your bank and follow the steps below. 

  • Swipe the card
  • Enter the PIN number
  • In the “Other Services” section, you’ll have the option of requesting a new chequebook.
  • You can select the number of leaves you require in the book

The cheque book will be delivered through the post at your registered address on the account. However not all banks offer cheque book requests through ATMs.    

-> Through Mobile Banking/ Online Banking  

This is one of the most practised ways to get a new chequebook besides visiting the bank. 

  • Log in to your Online Banking or Mobile Banking
  • Go to the services section 
  • Find the “New cheque book request” option and click on it 
  • You might be asked for the number of leaves needed in the book 
  • Fill in the required details. 

The cheque book will be delivered through the post at your registered address on the account. This is available only to registered mobile banking or internet banking customers. 

-> Through Phone Banking 

Cheque Book requests can be placed through Phone Banking as well at some of the banks in the UAE. Contact the customer support of your bank and request a new chequebook. They may confirm your account details before proceeding with the request.

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Cheques take time to complete the transaction like at least 2-4 working days. Unlike debit or credit cards, there are no processing fees added on making a transaction with a cheque. Also, cheques act as security in the case of a certain type of unsecured loan. But the cheque bouncing is something the cheque users need to be careful about. 

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