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Financial mistakes people make in their 30s

Gone are your 20’s where you get your first job, enjoy your first salary and experiment with all the exhilarating things in life. As you step into your 30’s, you need to understand building your life, having a stable job and concentrating on your financial goals as they play a crucial role in your life. Having said that, here are the few financial mistakes people often make in their 30’s.

Not caring about insurance 

Insurance is something that helps people in their long run when the income is at stake or when the financial condition is not up to the needs. Not applying for insurance may cost them a great deal as life is unpredictable in every turn. So, it’s always better to have an insurance plan in the early 30’s as the sooner you use, the fewer insurance fees will be.

Not preparing for the worst

Young people ignore this as they think that everything is hunky-dory with their lives when the truth is far fetched from their thoughts. Health should be on the top of the priority list of everyone and it should also be included when we plan for future as health can go fluctuating and anything can happen. So, it’s good to have a disability insurance that comes to your aid when something unexpected happens in your life and when you are in a void of money or your primary source of income. In Dubai, insurance providers provide a coverage until the age of 95-100.

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Too many credit card debts

Credit cards are the fanciest things used by people these days. When you are in your 20’s it’s okay to use credit cards to make purchases but once you reach 30’s it better to pay money via cash rather than cards as credit cards trick you in paying more fees for purchasing every little thing with them increasing the debts. So, consider purchasing things with cash always and mainly when you hit 30’s where financial planning plays a crucial role.

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Not having a second career choice

The career that you choose in 20’s might be just your first job, your first source of income in your life. There’s no doubt that you just stick on to it dedicating yourself for the work you are assigned with. But the moment you hit 30’s it is always good in fact essential to have a second source of income as your financial aid, as you never know what’s going to happen with your first job in the future.

Neglecting retirement plan

Most of the youngsters especially people between 20’s and 30’s doesn’t care so much about retirement as they thrive to spend money on their tastes and entertainment which in fact good but the thing is that those expenses should be done by keeping retirement plan also in mind.

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Not keeping track of expenses

Expenses get multiplied sometimes even without our knowledge. Not keeping track of expenses get you to spend more on your goods thus resulting in skyrocketing expenses to a great deal even without your knowledge. So, it’s always better to have a clear understanding of expenses no matter how big or small they are.

Not discussing financial matters with significant other

Life partner with whom you are going to start a whole new life needs to know about your financial status and for sure you both should discuss a vivid plan of the budget you want to have, the upcoming needs of the family, the investments you are going to make etc. Not discussing these things with your better half may lead to a family without a proper financial balance.

Not paying heed to inflation

Inflation is the sudden pitfall that results in higher prices of all the commodities where an average person cannot afford to all goods and services. It’s always good to have an investment plan that defeats inflation or at least that helps you cope with inflation when it raises its claws. Investment is the best thing to do beforehand keeping in mind about the inflation. You can invest in stocks, bonds, real estate or anything. Neglecting the effects of inflation is one of the mistakes people do overlook all the consequences that they might be put in.

On that note, it’s always good to be cautious without making any of those mistakes in 30’s to lead a balanced life of abundant dreams both individually and financially.

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