Open a Salary Account in UAE

How to open a Salary Account in the UAE?

Salary account is one of the most important bank accounts. It is an exclusive account designed for salaried individuals to have their salary credited. Every working individual will open a salary account to which the salary will be transferred to. Salary accounts are also offered by the employer to the employees. There are several benefits provided on a salary account that makes it different from a savings account. 

Salary Account vs Savings Account 

A salary account is quite similar to the savings account but the difference is there is no minimum balance requirement in most of the salary accounts. Salary accounts in UAE also come with benefits like free cash withdrawals, fund transfers and much more which is not available on the savings accounts. 

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Salary Account Opening Process 

Any working individual who meets the basic requirements of the bank is eligible to open a Salary account in UAE. There is no initial deposit required to open a salary account at most of the banks or financial institutions. The account opening process is 

  • Compare different salary accounts in UAE
  • Pick the best salary account 
  • Check the eligibility criteria of the account 
  • Ensure you have all the required documents for the account opening 
  • Visit the bank or apply online on the bank website 
  • Fill the form 
  • Open the account and Transfer your salary 

Eligibility criteria for Salary account in UAE 

The basic eligibility requirements for a salary account in the UAE are, 

  • A minimum salary of AED 3000 – AED 10,000 
  • Both UAE Nationals and expats are eligible 
  • The applicant needs to be a working individual in the UAE 
  • Salary transfer to the bank is required 
  • The account holder must be at least 21 years 

Documents Required for a Salary Account in UAE 

  • Emirates ID
  • Passport 
  • Residence Visa for expats 
  • Salary transfer letter 
  • Salary slips 

Salary transfer letter and salary slip are important documents for a salary account in UAE as these are the documents that work as income proofs for the bank. Salary slip is also known as Payslip at some of the companies. 

Benefits of a Salary Account in UAE 

The salary transfer account provides good financial benefits like, 

  • Free fund transfer to domestic and international accounts 
  • Free debit card 
  • Free cash withdrawals from the ATM 
  • Free cheque book 
  • Personal Loan: Salary transfer is an important criterion to get a personal loan in UAE at most of the banks. As your salary is already being transferred to a bank, you can get a personal loan easily.

The less and nominal charges on a salary account make it different from other accounts. UAE has a good number of the working population. Getting the right bank account according to the requirement is important else there will be hefty fees and charges levied.   

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