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Along with providing the best products and services to customers, banks also offer various discounts and deals on the usage of their products or services. Especially debit card and credit card users are benefited with a good number of deals by the merchants and banks as well. HSBC which is one of the popular banks in the UAE provides a wide range of exclusive discounts and deals for their customers in the HSBC Entertainer App. HSBC credit card and debit cardholders can get high benefits using the app and make good use of their credit cards. The benefits provided on the app include ‘Buy 1 – Get 1’ free deals, discounts at dining, hotels, beauty and wellness centres, tourist attractions, and much more.     

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Eligibility for HSBC Entertainer App 

Every HSBC credit card and the debit cardholder is eligible for the entertainer app. Both the primary and supplementary credit cardholders can get the app and avail the benefits. 

Benefits on the HSBC Entertainer App

HSBC Entertainer App provides exclusive offers for the customers. Some of the best offers provided are, 

  • You can avail “Buy 1 – Get 1 Free” food offers on food delivery 
  • Can get 25% off on the bill for food ordered through HSBC Entertainer App 
  • 10,000+ Buy one and get one free offer on dine-in, food delivery, hotel reservations, entertainment, etc. 
  • Can get home delivery option through the app 
  • Exclusive offers to HSBC Black credit card users and HSBC Jade customers
  • Can avail offers in 14 other international regions as well 
  • Can find the merchants offering discounts nearby you easily through the app by selecting category and location
  • Can redeem for offers quickly 
  • The app also gives the savings you made on the particular purchase

Where can we avail this app?

The benefits of HSBC Entertainer App can be availed in 14 international countries. 

  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Cyprus
  • Bahrain
  • England
  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Malaysia
  • Kuwait
  • Singapore
  • Oman
  • Hong Kong
  • Qatar
  • South Africa 

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How to get HSBC Entertainer App?

Any HSBC customer can get the app from the Playstore or App store. Once the credit or debit card is approved and delivered to the customer, a unique 9 digit code is mailed to the registered mail id. Using the code sent, you can open the app and follow the instructions and complete the registration. 

If you have not received the mail, then you can call HSBC customer care in UAE and get the 9 digit code. 

Once the registration on the app is completed, you can upload your profile picture, choose the currency and reset your PIN and passwords as well through the app. 

The unique code may not be similar for Primary and supplementary cardholders. Supplementary cardholders will receive a mail on their registered mail id with the 9 digit code else they can contact 44424722 to get their app registration code.  

App stores or Playstore users of the following regions can find HSBC entertainer apps: UAE, Canada, Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain, United Kingdom, Oman, United States of America, and India.  

HSBC Entertainer App is one of the best benefits provided by HSBC. Along with other benefits on their debit or credit cards, this is an additional privilege provided to the customers which will also help in high-range of savings. 

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