How to maximize credit card rewards & offers?

Credit cards have become a powerful device to make easy purchases and also earn while making purchases in the form of rewards. All it matters is how much you spent and how many rewards you earned. Having a couple of cards and earning rewards is a great way of spending. 

Here you will know about ways you can maximize your rewards.

Selection of credit cards

You have to select your credit cards carefully because the rewards will be a great advantage for you in the long run.

Example- If you have a credit card that gives you two percent cashback on every purchase on above AED 10,000. The cashback amount of AED 200 is an additional income for you.

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Some credit card companies provide more travel rewards. If you are a frequent traveler then you can select a credit card which gives you more travel rewards. You can add value to your trips by reward points whenever you book a hotel or pay for flight tickets.

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Spending on Food & Groceries

Spending on food & groceries is the routine expense that incurs at regular intervals. Having a card that provides good returns at grocery stores or restaurants is a great option.

It is best to look at your requirements and choose your credit card or credit card mix. You can save by spending at supermarkets where cashbacks are provided. The below-listed credit cards provide cashbacks on grocery spending.

  • Mashreq Cashback Credit Card
  • Standard Chartered Platinum
  • Emirates Islamic Cashback Plus 
  • CBD Super Saver; HSBC Cashback 
  • ADIB Spice 
  • RAKBank World

You can dine at hotels and get attractive discounts. Below are a few attractive deals. 

  • Mashreq Cashback card offers 5% cashback on dining and 20% cashback on Zomato
  • ADCB offers a 15% discount on food & beverages bill at Dhe Puttu Restaurant.
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai offers 20% Off on the total bill at Sikka Cafe.
  • Finance house credit card provides a 15% Off on lunch buffet & 10% Off on dinner buffet at Lal Qila Restaurant.

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For Travel rewards

When you travel using credit cards you just not only reach your destination but you also get rewarded by the credit card company. Some of the best travel credit cards in the UAE that offer great rewards are listed below. 

  • Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card
  • Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card
  • ADIB Etihad Gold Card
  • HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card

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Spending on Utility payments and Shopping

Use credit cards while you pay for your telephone expenses, television DTH services, internet services. The reason is credit card companies offer good cashback offers on these spendings. Filling fuel for your vehicles will also be rewarded by the credit cards. 

Shopping using a credit card is rewarding. On everyday spending, you get a high range of cashback whether you are shopping online or by visiting the stores. Below is the list of cards that offer great deals. 

  • ADIB Value+ Card
  • Dubai First Platinum Life Card
  • Mashreq Smart Saver Credit Card
  • Standard Chartered Platinum card

Mashreq Smart Saver credit card provides one percent cash back on every dirham. 

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It is a great deal to choose the credit card that provides you additional rewards for any purchase. But remember do not apply for each and every card. You just focus on that card which provides you the highest valuable rewards for the purchases you have made. Watch out for quarterly and annual limits on your credit cards. Apply for one or two cards and track your bonus categories. Credit card companies keep updating their offers, so follow your credit card issuers and get the most out of their best offers. 

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