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Abu Dhabi being the capital of UAE promotes banking services in the extensive way possible. The banks in Abu Dhabi strives to provide efficient services to the customers in every which way. 

Here are the list of banks present in Abu Dhabi providing their products and services to the customers.

Al Masraf

Al Masraf was formed in November 1975 and is owned by Emirates Investment Authority which is a part of UAE Federal Government.

Heading towards modernization, Al Masraf is providing a wide range of financial services to the customers.

Products and services

Their vision is to become an innovative and preferred financial partner for all banking services.

Al Masraf provides various products and services including Corporate banking, Islamic banking, Treasury and investment etc.,

Commercial Bank of Dubai

Commercial Bank of Dubai was founded in 1969 with its headquarters in Dubai and got evolved as National Public Shareholding company by 1982. UAE Nationals holds 80% of its shares while 20% of them are held by Investment Corporation of Dubai.

Products and services

With its vision to be recognized as the best bank, CBD provides various products and services including Consumer banking, Corporate banking, Finance and Insurance, Foreign Exchange, Wealth management, Consumer loans, Credit cards etc.,

Invest Bank

Invest Bank was founded in 1975 as a Public Shareholding company.Invest Bank shares are listed and traded on the Abu Dhabi Securities market.

Products and services

Under the supervision of a highly qualified and specialized bank team, Invest Bank provides products and services including loans and advances, Foreign exchange, Auto loans, Accounts, Trade Finance etc.,

Union National Bank

Union National Bank was established in 1982 as a Public Joint Stock Company and is one of the leading domestic banks in United Arab Emirates. United National Bank provides services targeting the needs of customers ranges from basic to complex requirements of corporate entities

Products and services

With its vision to be the best bank, Union National Bank provides various products and services including personal, business, private and Islamic banking etc.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank was established on 20th May 1997 following Islamic Sharia principles

ADIB was first established as a Public joint company and it started its operations on 11th November, 1998

Products and services

ADIB products and services include personal banking, private banking, business banking, private and corporate banking

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

ADCB was formed as a public shareholder company in 1985. It stands as one of the 3 biggest banks in UAE.

Products and services

As a full service commercial bank, ADCB provides a wide range of products and services to the customers in the form of Retail banking, Wealth management, Investment banking, Corporate finance, Islamic products etc.,

Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD was formed in 2007, October and stands as a blueprint for banking and finance sector in UAE.

Emirates NBD stood as a blueprint of banking and financial sectors as it is a merger of second and fourth largest banks in the UAE.

Products and services

Emirates NBD has its own unique significance in UAE corporate and retail banking area and also plays strong role in Islamic Banking, Global market and treasury, Investment banking etc.,

Emirates Islamic Bank

Emirates Islamic Bank was launched in 2009 and delivers services by following Shari’a principles.

Emirates Islamic Bank using Islamic tools delivers services to individuals, businesses as well as large corporations

Products and services

Emirates Islamic provides variety of products and services with its mission to offer standard financial solutions to the customers.

Dubai Islamic Bank

Dubai Islamic Bank was founded in 1975 and is recognized as the largest Islamic Bank in UAE listed on Dubai Financial Market.

Dubai Islamic Bank is the world’s first Islamic full service bank and has its operations both in UAE and internationally.

Products and services

With its goal to make Islamic Finance the norm, instead of an alternative to conventional banking worldwide, Dubai Islamic Bank offers products and services including Personal banking,  Business banking, Corporate banking, Treasury and Institutional banking, Investment banking etc.,

Commercial Bank International

Commercial Bank International established in 1991, has been helping customers to manage their business and personal finances.

Commercial Bank International is incorporated in Ras Al Khaimah and listed on Abu Dhabi Security Exchange.

Products and services

With its mission to help customers with their financial issues, CBI provides products and services like Personal Banking, Business Banking, Corporate Banking, etc.,

Credibility is the basic factor that has to be considered before approaching a bank and banks in Abu Dhabi always make sure that their credibility stands still among the customers despite anything.

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