Mashreq Millionaire – What all you need to know

Everyone aspires to be a Millionaire. If you are living in the UAE you are very much aware of Mashreq Millionaire. This is a popular lucky draw and you would want to give yourself a chance of winning this draw. To get a chance of winning Mashreq millionaire you have to purchase a savings certificate from Mashreq NEO which is from Mashreq bank. If luck favors you then you can win AED 1 Million

The cost of each certificate is AED 1000, by buying this certificate you can win one million dirhams. There are other small prizes amounting for AED 5000 and AED 1000 prizes these are apart from the bumper prize amount. These events take place each month. You can also get Salaam points which can be used for travel and shopping. This is a non-interest bearing certificate which provides splendour opportunities for everyone. 

Prize Structure 

There are greater chances for winning the prizes under the Mashreq millionaire contest. There are monthly prizes and quarterly prizes. 

Monthly prizes

  • There are 25 prizes amounting to AED 1,000
  • 3 prizes amounting to AED 5,000
  • There are 50 prizes for 10,000 Salaam Points which can be redeemed for airline tickets, booking hotels, purchases at retail outlets and cinema tickets. 

Quarterly prizes

One AED prize 1,000,000 each quarter during March, August, December.

The winners of the draw are informed through the SMS and call. You have to ensure that your details are accurate while you are buying the certificates. Do not forget to re-check the details that you entered while buying the certificates so that you will not miss the lucky call. 

Documents required for Mashreq Millionaire

The great news about this million draw is you need not be a UAE national or a resident of UAE to buy Mashreq Certificates. You just need to be in the UAE legally and you can participate in the Mashreq Millionaire lucky draw. The following are the documents you require to have for Mashreq Millionaire. 

  • Completed application form
  • Copy of passport, visa and Emirates ID 
  • Non-resident documents- passport copy with UAE stamp. You also need to get original documents to show to authorities.
  • Certificates are not transferable and are issued in one individual name only.

Eligibility criteria to participate for Mashreq Millionaire

You have to fulfill eligibility requirements for certificates to participate in the draw.

  • For every new transaction, a minimum of 3 certificates have to be purchased
  • At least one certificate you should have to qualify for the draw
  • You should have purchased the certificate at least two days before the draw if not you are eligible for the draw. For the future draw, you may be eligible to participate.
  • For all the prizes you are eligible for 1 certificate
  • The bank has the right to cancel and reject any application for any discrepancy. 

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How to buy a Mashreq Millionaire Certificate?

At all the Mashreq bank branches, Mashreq millionaire savings certificates are sold. The individuals who want to participate can purchase the certificates at the branches. You can contact officials at +97144244444 and get the details. You can also contact the sales representatives and purchase these certificates. Mashreq Bank also sells the certificates through the Mashreq online portal. The purchase price of each Mashreq certificate is AED 1,000. The higher the number of certificates the higher are the chances of winning the prize money. All the draws are supervised by the Department of Economic Development and the process is clear and transparent. 

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What is the process for encashment?

The process of encashment is very much straightforward. If you have purchased the certificate through the bank then visit the bank branch office with the original certificate or soft copy of the certificate. You should also provide your identity proof. If you have purchased it online or through the app you can encash under over there itself. There are pre-encashment charges levied by authorities. This is applicable if you apply for an encashment request within 90 days of purchasing the certificate. 

If there is a short term cash requirement it is wise to use a government overdraft facility. It provides you 95% of original investment on a low rate of interest. A Mashreq credit card is offered to customers who have 20 or more Mashreq millionaire savings certificates. With this credit card, you can get an advance cash facility at lower interest rates. For more information, you can visit the branch or call +971-4-424-4444.


In the UAE, the banking system is crystal clear and banks work under government regulations. Open a bank account and save up AED 1000 and try your luck with a ticket. If you are lucky then you can get your luxury car, invest in your dream home, visit your favourite holiday destination and you can do much more. There is no need to be a genius to win the prize. All you need is your luck to become a millionaire. 

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