Every person who buys a new vehicle makes sure they get it insured. Getting your vehicles insured is mandatory and much useful to recover the damages occurred during accidents. This is known as comprehensive insurance. The damages recovered depends on the cover opted. So a general car insurance in UAE covers your car damages by not letting you suffer the financial loss.

A comprehensive insurance covers the vehicle that is insured, but what if there is no damage to your insured vehicle and you create severe damage to other vehicles or person? During such circumstances, you have to bear all the damages occurred to another vehicle/persons, personally. 

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In 2017, more than 3000 people were injured in road accidents in UAE. This didn’t affect only the injured people but the people who are responsible for the mishap are affected financially. Taking this unnecessary loss into consideration, insurance companies have started providing an insurance coverage to compensate third-party damages.

What is Third Party Car Insurance?  

If you hit any vehicle or a person with your car then the loss occurred can be covered by the Third Party Insurance. This insurance cover has been made mandatory by the Government of UAE. The premium paid on the third party insurance cover is less compared to the comprehensive insurance.

Here are a few companies where you can get the best Third Party Car Insurance covers

1. Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance PSC (AMAN Insurance)

AMAN Motor Insurance is known to provide the best covers for the vehicle. The third party cover is included with the comprehensive cover which reduces the extra charges.  

It provides various benefits like

  • 24/7 roadside assistance for free
  • Covers the medical fees of both the driver and the passenger
  • Easy renewal process
  • Covers the loss/damage occurred to the third party

2. Dar Al Takaful 

Dar Al Takaful provides a separate cover for the third party. It protects the insurance holder from bearing the financial loss when he/she creates a damage to the third party.  

Dar Al Takaful third-party motor insurance covers

  • Loss or damage happened to the vehicle due to fire
  • Loss of vehicle
  • Medical expenses of the driver
  • Medical expenses of the passenger

3. Tameen 

Oman Insurance company provides two types of covers. One is you can opt for a separate third-party insurance cover and the other is get a common cover which includes comprehensive insurance and third party insurance.


  • The third party damages are covered up to AED 3,50,000
  • Emergency medical expenses are provided per person
  • 24/7 road assistance
  • Damages created by natural calamities are covered
  • Service costs up to 3 years are born

4. Axa Gulf

Axa Gulf provides a cover for the third party damages or loss.


  • It provides 24/7 roadside assistance including the recovery
  • Registration for RTA and inspection are done on behalf of the policyholder
  • If the vehicle is in service you can avail free pickup and drop service
  • Covers the third party loss up to AED 3.5 Million

5. Mashreq Motor Insurance

Mashreq bank provides a common cover for comprehensive insurance and third party insurance.


  • The cover can be opted on 0% EPP up to 12 months
  • Competitive interest rates
  • 24/7 road assistance is provided
  • Can get free pickup and drop while registration
  • Up to 45% is covered for safe drivers
Other than these there are several other insurance companies which provide third party liability cover for great benefits. Most of them neglect Third-Party Insurance but it can be very useful during unpleasant times. Accidents can even lead to death and during such mishap, third party car insurance covers the compensation costs.

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