What all you need to know about Emirates ID

Emirates ID is the basic identification card in UAE for the residents. Both expats and UAE Nationals are supposed to have an Emirates ID and it is mandatory. Emirates ID is the basic verification card asked by anyone, anywhere you go in UAE.

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What it actually includes?

An Emirates ID has a distinct 15 digit identification number which reserves your Name, Nationality, Date of birth with the additional details like Expiry date and the digital signature of the cardholder. The identification number adheres to the cardholder permanently even if the card is renewed the id number doesn’t change. The important features of the Emirates ID are the pin which stores all the personal information of the holder and the digital fingerprint. The validity of an Emirates ID is maximum five years. After that one should renew it.

Purpose of an Emirates ID:

It serves as a proof at 100+ government and private services. Everywhere you go the basic proof requested will be the Emirates ID. No person in UAE travels or steps out without the Emirates ID in the pocket. For everything, Emirates serves as an important document especially for getting a loan at banks. No bank provides a Credit cardpersonal loan or any other kind of loan or at least a bank account without Emirates ID. Apart from being a proof of identity it also serves as a card which holds all the personal information for e-services.

Still, there are few banks and organizations which doesn’t accept Emirates ID as a major document for identity purpose and requests for a passport.

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Fees and charges:

The fees associated with the Emirates ID is different for UAE Nationals and Expats.

UAE Nationals-

Fees: AED 100(Till the validity)
Required Documents:
      -Civil status documents


Fees: AED 100(per annum)
Required Documents:
      -Residence VISA

For newborn Emirates ID will be provided only after a birth certificate and passport are issued. There would be some charges to replace a lost card, renewal of the card etc. in emergency situations if one needs an Emirates ID in 24hrs, additional charges will be included.

  • Lost card replacement: AED 300
  • Emirates ID in 24hrs: AED 150

Few important things you must know about Emirates ID:

  • Never travel anywhere in and around UAE without your Emirates ID   
  • Never bend, tamper or write on the card
  • Should report the stolen/loss of card to the Emirates ID customer offices within the 7days of the incident.
  • Any mistakes printed on the card should be reported immediately. If any errors on the application which is under progress, faults should be corrected within 2 weeks of the date of application.
  • One should not leave their cards in any office or organization unless and until it is a court order.
  • Should renew your card within 30 days after the date of expiry.
  • If you find any card anywhere hand it over at the nearby service centers or police station.
  • There are around 50 Emirates ID customer care centers in UAE which work every day 24/7. 

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