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What is Ejari?

Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) of Dubai has introduced an online portal called Ejari (that translates Rent in Arabic) where all the Dubai rental and lease contracts should be recorded.

It aims at the growth of the Dubai rental market by managing the legal requirements and to protect the landlords and tenants from rental malpractices by preserving their rights.

This online based system helps the landlords and the tenants in having a clear picture of the rental payments and the tenancy contract. It makes sure that the payment of rent is fixed and regulated as stated in the tenancy contract without any disputes and a rental receipt is provided upon the completion of the registration process.

Not only the legalization or regulation of tenancy contract, but Ejari also offers services related to

  • Renewals
  • Cancellations
  • Terminations
  • Transfers

Registration with Ejari

Registration with Ejari is compulsory for any rental contract and both the landlord and tenant should get their rental contract registered with Ejari. Property of any category, be it freehold, non-freehold, residential or commercial should have their rental contract registered with Ejari.

With Ejari, all the rental contracts will be adjusted into a legally bound document aligned in a government approved format.

When it comes to registration, in most cases, the real estate agent or the tenant completes the process and pays the fees for the registration. Registration can be done both online and offline. You can go for offline registration by approaching any of the approved typing centers in Dubai and online registration can be done with help of this online portal.

Process of registration

Steps involved in online registration can be segregated into sections as follows

First section of the registration

The first section includes the details of the applicant like full name, email id, and contact number. In case if it is the tenant who is applying, then these details are entered in the tenant details section.

The applicant should upload an undertaking statement thereby taking the full responsibility of the uploaded documents in the registration process. Applicants should also upload their Emirates ID along with the Undertaking Statement.

Second section of the registration

The second section of the registration form should be filled with the phone number and email id of the tenant. It is also necessary to mention the type of applicant i.e., individual or company in this section as the documentation depends upon this particular aspect.

Documentation if the tenant is an individual

  • Tenant’s passport
  • UAE Visa
  • Emirates ID

Documentation if the tenant is a company

  • Trade license
  • Emirates ID of the company manager

Third section of the registration

This is an important part of the registration with Ejari. The third section includes uploading all pages of the tenancy contract.

The tenancy contract is the agreement between the tenant and the landlord which usually comprises of

  • Information on the rental payment
  • Signatures of both tenant and the landlord
  • Addresses of both landlord and the tenant
  • Address of the property
  • The contact information of the landlord and the tenant
  • Date when the tenancy started
  • Date when the tenancy agreement is made

Documentation required for registration

In order to get registered, you need to have certain documents that are to be carried by you or get scanned copies of the same

  • Valid passport of the tenant 
  • Valid UAE Visa of the tenant
  • Emirates ID
  • Copy of tenancy contract
  • Valid passport of the landlord
  • Title deed of the property
  • DEWA bill
  • Trade license

Supporting documents required for registration

As a part of the registration process, the applicant need to upload or attach some supporting documents which might include

1. Landlord’s Passport or Emirates ID

Applicant should scan and upload the landlord’s passport or Emirates ID. If the property is managed by two or more owners then upload the document of the major shareholder of the property.

2. Title deeds

Title deeds of the property should be uploaded and if that is not the case, the Affection Plan approved by the Dubai Municipality has to be submitted.

If both the title deeds and affection plan are unavailable then you can continue the registration process by providing sales and purchase agreement (agreement with which the landlord bought the rented property).

3. DEWA bill (Dubai Electricity And Water)

A copy of the final DEWA bill of the previous tenant should be uploaded making it clear that the previous tenant’s DEWA account has been closed and the new tenant can open his new DEWA account.

4. Power of Attorney

In some cases, either tenant or the landlord or both of them might approach a local representative in Dubai to sign the contract on their behalf, a copy of Power of Attorney(POA) should also be provided along with the passport and Visa of the POA’s holder.

The last section is the special instructions section which can be filled by the special requirements of the applicant. The processing time generally takes one day after which an Ejari certificate will be mailed to the mail address of the applicant.

Fees involved

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Once the registration gets completed, the applicant receives 3 things, that is

1. Ejari certificate- It is the proof of attestation of tenancy contract with the Ejari online portal.

2. Ejari contract- An official Ejari contract will be provided with a unique Ejari ID number that can be used to avail DEWA services.

This generally refers to the transformation of your private rental agreement into the standard format approved by Ejari.

3. Ejari fees payment receipt- This is the receipt the applicant receives after paying the registration fees and typing services fees of Ejari.

Benefits of Ejari

  • Ejari helps in maintaining a proper legal structure to the tenancy contract thereby preserving the rights of both landlord and the tenant.
  • With the help of this online portal, a healthy common shared knowledge understanding of the rental contract can be inculcated in landlords and the tenants which avoids any further legal disputes among them.
  • The tenant can take a look at the data of a landlord or a particular property which gives them a clear idea if they are dealing with a new landlord.
  • Ejari allows the landlords to register each of their tenancy contract with RERA
  • The registration process is simple by saving time and money of people.

Rental contracts play an important role in the real estate business and protecting the rental contract by means of a well-arranged system like Ejari helps a lot for the healthy growth of the rental market in Dubai.

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