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10 Sharjah Traffic Fines You Can Easily Avoid

Most of the road accidents occur just because of lacking civic sense. Traffic rules and fines are indeed for the safe flow of traffic. This will help the drivers follow the rules which will reduce traffic jam and accidents. Keeping this on mind Sharjah government had set up new traffic laws.   

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Among the various set of rules, here are some 10 important Sharjah traffic fines you can avoid

1. Crossing speed limits

According to Dubai police, more than 40% of accidents take place because of overspeeding. Exceeding a speed limit of more than 60 kmph(varies with the roads) costs AED 700.  

2. Parking in restricted areas

Avoid parking in no parking zones. Parking your vehicle at places dedicated for an ambulance, handicapped, fire exhaust vehicles, etc., will charge you AED 1000 with 4 black points on the licence. Parking on the pedestrians crossing, or the way that hinders pedestrians walk will be fined AED 100. Parking a vehicle on sidewalks will fine AED 200 with 3 black points.  

3. Using mobile phone while driving

According to Dubai police using phone while driving has become one of the most common offense committed. Using phone while driving can divert the driver which can lead to mishaps. Any driver caught using phone while driving will be fined AED 200 with 4 black points added to the licence.

4. Jumping signals

Make sure you don’t jump a red signal any day. RTA Traffic fines for jumping traffic signals is AED 800 with 8 black points on the licence.

5. Reckless driving

Driving recklessly by losing control of the vehicle can cost you a fortune. AED 2000 is the traffic fine amount for driving rashly by neglecting road safety. This will cause accidents that can end up fatally for the victim and the driver as well. This also adds 12 black points to the licence.

6. Having an underage kid in the front seat  

Never have a kid below 10 years in the front seat. According to a survey, 2 out of 3 kids are killed in road accidents. Sharjah traffic rules don’t permit kids below 10 years on the front seat. Most importantly kids of less than 5 years need to sit on the specially designed seat on the backside. If disobeyed AED 400 is charged with 4 black points.     

7. Throwing waste on roads from vehicle  

Littering the roads while driving can fine you AED 500 with addition to 4 black points on the driver’s licence. Even if the passenger or a pedestrian commits littering there are supposedly charged. Littering disturbs the natural resources which are ultimately bad for the environment. So, avoid littering for a clean and green environment.     

8. Driving under the influence of intoxication

Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any intoxic substances is dangerous. It can have a negative effect on driving which can lead to fatal accidents also. Any driver found driving under an influence, are strictly punished. The driver’s licence is to be cancelled and the penalty will be decided by the court. 24 Black points are added to drivers licences.

9. Dangerous driving

Driving dangerously i.e. racing on the roads is not at all encouraged. It can hurt someone on the road or the driver itself. AED 2000 is the penalty amount for driving dangerously on roads with 12 black points on the licence. There are well-maintained racing tracks in UAE which can be used rather than roads.   

10. Vehicle that creates noise and air pollution

Vehicles that create noise pollution and air pollution are to be fined AED 500 each. Make sure your vehicle doesn’t emit gases that cause pollution and don’t drive a noisy vehicle. And blowing the horn for no reason or at restricted places is equally offensive. Drivers who blow horn loudly to be fined AED 100.

These are measures to prevent people from getting seriously injured or even killed. All the UAE traffic fines and rules make drivers be conscious while driving.


  • RTA – RTA stands for Roads and Transport Authority. It manages the transport and traffic of the city.  
  • Black points – Black points are the points added to the driver’s licence on disobeying any traffic rule. A licence with 24 black points will be suspended and the driver cannot drive for a year.
  • Traffic fines discount – RTA Sharjah provides discounts on traffic fines i.e 50% off is provided on the traffic fines for a limited time.
  • Salik – It is an automatic road toll system in UAE. On having a Salik card, toll gate charges are automatically reduced from the card without paying at the point.
  • Salik fines – Salik fines are charged for disobeying Salik rules like low balance on the card, using the card after expiry, no Salik tag on the car, etc. 

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Nikitha is a Senior Analyst at MyMoneySouq.com. She has been writing about personal finance, credit cards, mortgage, and other personal finance products in the UAE. Her work on Mortgage loans has been featured by the GulfNews and other popular Financial Blogs in the UAE.


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