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As the world is evolving every day, our lifestyle is seeing a rapid change every day. As we need to go hand in hand to the changes in our lifestyle, we also need to be aware of all the uncertainties that arise out of those changes that we come across in our life. Hence, to stay protected we need to decide the right medical insurance that will suffice all our medical needs and expenses.

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We have come up with a list of top medical insurance providers in UAE, that will help you decide which insurance provider is the best for you and your family. 

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Following is the list that will provide you the guidance and help, when it comes to medical insurance:

AXA Gulf Insurance

AXA insurance provides you with the best medical care and protects your family against any injury or illness whether you are traveling abroad or staying in your home country. AXA insurance has tie-ups with the best hospitals abroad and doesn’t leave any page unturned when it comes to the protection of your health. AXA health insurance has come up with various plans like International plans, regional plans, local plans, and essential benefits plan. Following are the benefits that you can avail with AXA health insurance:

  • Get an instant cover on your health insurance
  • You can claim your insurance at any time of the day or week.
  • You can also get fair and fast claims with AXA
  • AXA has an extensive network around the world.
  • This insurance also comes with many ranges of covers.
  • You can avail the ‘wellbeing’ telephone service with this insurance.
  • Get worldwide medical emergency assistance.
  • You can avail personal accident cover with this insurance.
  • You can also avail dental cover with this insurance.

To know more about this insurance, visit AXA Gulf Health Insurance

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company(ADNIC)

The insurance policy by ADNIC is known as SHIFA medical insurance. This insurance provides the facility of direct billing, which gives reassurance to your family. SHIFA also a special plan for its Dubai residents. If the Dubai residents avail their special benefits plan online, they can also avail a special discount. SHIFA plan gives you the following benefits:

  • You can get your annual limit covered for any chronic or pre-existing medical condition.
  • You can medical expenses for any illness during work or any injuries that you incur during your work.
  • You can avail direct billing facility in over 197 countries.
  • You can avail maternity claim up to your annual limit.
  • You get an annual limit of AED 5 million.
  • You can also avail optical covers with this card.
  • There is an option of optical dental cover with this card.
  • You also get reimbursement of your claims outside ADNIC network.

To know more about this insurance, you can visit ADNIC Health Insurance

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Emirates Insurance Company

This is one of the authorized insurance companies in Abu Dhabi for medical insurance. This insurance company follows the norms of the Health Insurance law in Abu Dhabi and is also licensed to participate in the health program in Dubai. This program comes with two plans that are basic and enhanced. You can improve your plans according to your need and requirement and should be applicable under Health insurance law of Abu Dhabi. The medical insurance policy is divided into the following plans:

  • The basic plan, which is aimed to provide help to blue collar workers.
  • Standard plan, which is basically for families
  • Enhanced plan, which is according to your need and requirement.
  • VIP plan, which also includes an international cover.

To know more about this insurance policy, visit EMINSCO Health Insurance

Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance Company

This insurance provider provides insurance plans according to the user’s requirement. RAK insurance uses third party assistance that allows individuals as well as organizations to have access for 24 hours throughout the week, and receive the best feedbacks for their queries. With RAK insurance you can avail a direct billing option through a wide range of RAK’s network. With direct billing, it becomes convenient for the customers during an emergency situation or during any reimbursement of any of your medical bills, depending upon your geographical area.

This insurance can be availed by any person who has a salary of up to AED 20000 per month.

To avail this insurance, you can visit RAK Medical Insurance

Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Co.

This insurance is also known as AMAN insurance. This company was established in the year 2002 and is also a national shareholders company. AMAN has been an active player in providing medical plans with nominal costs and wide coverage. This insurance also covers the most modern elements of insurance. The coverage of this insurance includes:

  • Medical centers and clinics
  • Admission to best hospitals.
  • Fast claim settlements.
  • Clearly set out principles

To know more about this insurance, you can visit Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Co. Healthcare

Oman Insurance Company

Oman insurance company is one of the top insurance companies. When it comes to providing health, Oman Insurance Company follows all the norms of Dubai Health authority. This insurance also includes domestic help, drivers, dependents of sponsors. This insurance also provides health insurance for companies with less than 100 individuals. Following are the benefits of this insurance:

  • This insurance is very easy to apply.
  • AED 525 is charged for domestic staff
  • You can also avail direct billing for outpatients and inpatients.
  • This insurance also covers all chronic and pre-existing diseases.
  • This insurance covers all states in Emirates, except for Abu Dhabi where only emergency cases can be covered.

To know more about this insurance, you can visit Oman Health Insurance 

Daman Health Insurance

Having tie-ups with various health care centers globally, Daman Health insurance offers a wide range of benefits to the insurance holders. They provide services to individuals, families, and also to low-income members. They have a good network with 2000 health providers in the UAE region. In the Individual health insurance policy, they offer four different plans that suit the territorial requirements of the policyholders. This is one of the cheapest health insurance in Dubai. 

  • Plan starts from AED 2108
  • Can get treatment from 3000+ healthcare providers
  • Providers services worldwide
  • All the plans cover pre-existing medical conditions
  • Provides out-patient benefits
  • Can avail optical, dental benefits
  • Can cover pharmaceutical bills

To know more about this insurance, visit Daman Health Insurance

MetLife Individual Medical Plan

Metlife provides an affordable individual medical plan. It provides coverage to salaried individuals, self-employed and also sponsored dependents in the UAE. This medical plan was approved by the Dubai Health Authority(DHA).

  • Can get medical visits to a general physician in the UAE
  • Can get treatments from a wide range of medical centers, hospitals, in the UAE
  • Can get coverage on the pharmacy bills
  • Can get coverage for emergency medical treatments as well
  • Provides coverage for preventive services i.e. vaccines that are mandated by DHA

To know more about this insurance, visit MetLife Individual Medical Plan

Above mentioned are the top medical insurance companies in Dubai and other emirates in the UAE. They are available for individuals with various benefits. Make the best choice and be safe.
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