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8 Dubai Traffic fines you must know about

Traffic rules are set to ensure safety on roads. They are applicable to every road user. It is extremely important to obey the RTA traffic rules in Dubai. If you are planning to drive a car in Dubai then there are some important Dubai RTA fines you must be aware of.   

Here’s the list of Dubai RTA fines you must know-

Dubai Speed limit

Make sure you never cross the speed limit. Over-speeding not only costs money but also can cost you life. The general limit is 30-40 km/h on small streets and around 60 km/h on main roads. Dubai speeding fine on crossing the speed limit is AED 300-1000(depends on the road type). This also adds 6-23 black points to the driver’s licence and the vehicle can be seized for up to 60 days.
Dubai speeding fine for driving the vehicle below the minimum speed limit will be AED 400.

Driving under the influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that disturbs your brain activity is offensive. Any person caught in this act will be highly fined. The fine amount will be decided by the court. 24 black points are added to the licence and the vehicle will be confiscated for 60 days.  

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Driving without Valid documents

A driver must carry a valid driving licence, car insurance, registration papers, etc. Driving a vehicle with an expired license will cost AED 500 with 4 black points and the vehicle retention period is 7 days. For not carrying the licence while driving, AED 400 will be charged. Driving without valid/expired insurance or registration papers can fine you AED 500 and the vehicle will be seized for 7 days.
Driving without a licence in the UAE is a serious criminal offence and AED 50,000 is the fine amount levied and/or with 3 months jail term.


AED 200 will be charged for blocking the movement of other vehicles. Stopping the vehicle in a way that can be dangerous to other road users is offensive. Even blocking the way of pedestrians can fine you AED 400.

Windows tinting  

Never tint your car windows above the limit. The permitted percentage of windows tint for the vehicles is maximum 30%. On exceeding the maximum limit AED 1500 is charged. The windows of the vehicle should be minimum 70% transparent.  


Parking a vehicle that is confined to certain people/services can fine you AED 1000 with 6 black points on the licence. The fine for improper parking is AED 500. For parking, your vehicle on pavements AED 400 is charged.

Entering restricted areas

Make sure you never enter the prohibited roads. It can get you in serious trouble. The fine for entering restricted areas is AED 1000 and 4 black points are added to the licence.

Red Signal Crossing

It is important to abide by Dubai traffic rules and jumping red signal is not allowed. In Dubai, the red signal crossing fine is AED 1000 for light vehicles and motorcycles. 12 Black points are also added and the vehicle retention is for 30 days. In the case of heavy vehicles, the red signal crossing fine is AED 3000 and the driving licence is blocked for a year.

There are a separate set of Dubai RTA fines for bikers and cyclists. AED 500 is the fine amount for not wearing a helmet in addition to 4 black points. Visit Dubai Traffic RTA website for more details on the fines and charges.

Obeying the traffic rules helps in preventing a mishap. All the traffic fines and charges by Dubai traffic police are for public safety and to make driving comfortable and peaceful.  

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