Abu Dhabi Traffic Fines

As everyone knows, a traffic violation is considered strict in UAE and Abu Dhabi is not an exception. Traffic fines can be issued on people depending on the mistakes they commit which may vary from parking in the wrong places to driving in a dangerous way. Fines are issued by Integrated Transport Centre of The Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport and the fines will be imposed based on the type of violation of the rules.

Knowing about the fine imposed on you

You can always check the fines you have got by going through the Department of Transport’s Payment of Parking Fines page or by visiting the Ministry of Interior website and keeping a check on Traffic Fines Inquiry page.

You can also inquire about the fines by

Using Unified Traffic Number – This will return all the fines on your Traffic Number.

Using Plate information – This will display all the fines that are related to a particular vehicle.

Using Driving License information – This will display all the fines related to your driving license.

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Below mentioned is a tabular form of a list of traffic fines in Abu Dhabi – 2021

       Violation      FineBlack points
Driving dangerously2000 AED12
Driving under the influence of alcohol and other substancesMinimum AED 20,00024
Driving a vehicle without number plate1000 AED24
Not stopping after making an accident that resulted in injuriesDecided by the court24
Careless driving2000 AED12
Exceeding the speed limit of more than 60 km/hr1000 AED12
Driving in a way that endangers the citizens1000 AED12
Jumping the red light800 AED8
Escaping the traffic police800 AED12
Dangerous overtaking by the trucks800 AED24
Causing a car to overturnDecided by the court8
Causing serious injuriesDecided by the court8
Overtaking on the hard shoulder600 AED6
Entering the road dangerously600 AED6
Causing moderate injuryDecided by the court6
Heavy vehicle lane discipline600 AED6
Overtaking from a prohibited place600 AED6
Causing serious damage to a vehicleDecided by the court6
Exceeding speed limit of not more than 40 km/hr700 AED
Parking in hydrant places, spaces allocated for people and ambulance parking1000 AED4
Exceeding maximum speed limit of nor more than 30km/hr600 AED
Driving against traffic400 AED4
Allowing children less than 10 year old to sit in the front seat of the vehicle400 AED4
Not fastening seat belt while driving400 AED4
Not leaving a safe distance400 AED4
Not following the directions of the policeman400 AED4
Exceeding minimum speed limit of not more than 20km.hr500 AED
Entering the road without knowing if its clear400 AED4
Exceeding permitted level of car speed without window tinting500 AED
Not giving way to police convoys or any other emergency vehicles500 AED4
Stopping on the road for no reason500 AED4
Stopping on a yellow box500 AED
Not giving way to pedestrians for pedestrian crossings 500 AED6
Failure to follow traffic signs and directions500 AED
Throwing wastes from vehicles on to the roads500 AED4
Refusing to give the details of name and address to the traffic police when needed500 AED
Opening left door of the taxi100 AED3
Having no red light at the back of the vehicle100 AED
Using horn in a disturbing way 100 AED2
Broken indicator lights100 AED2
Not using interior lights of buses in the night100 AED
Driving without specs or contact lenses100 AED
Not carrying vehicle registration card while driving100 AED
Not carrying driving license while driving100 AED
Not displaying truck’s load on both sides100 AED
Calling on passengers in the presence of signs100 AED
Not abiding by the taxi drivers obligatory uniform or not keeping it in good condition100 AED
Using hand-held mobile phone while driving200 AED4
Smoking inside taxis and buses200 AED
Not keeping taxis and buses clean inside200 AED
Driving below the speed limit200 AED
Using horn in the prohibited areas200 AED2
Broken lights200 AED6
Failure to display tariff of buses or taxis or not showing them when needed200 AED
Failure to use specific color allocated for taxis 200 AED
Using interior lights for no reason while driving100 AED
Not fixing a sign indicating licensed overload200 AED3
Noty fixing a taxi sign while required200 AED
Not showing driving license when required200 AED
Not showing vehicle registration card when required200 AED
Parking vehicles on pavement200 AED3
Light vehicle lane discipline200 AED2
Violating tariff200 AED6
Number plates with unclear numbers200 AED3
Abuse of parking space200 AED3
Driving unlicensed vehicle200 AED
Overtaking in a wrong way200 AED3
Overtaking from the right200 AED4
Using training vehicles in the places that are not designated for licensing200 AED
Failure to have vehicle examined after having done with major modification of body or engine200 AED
Stopping a vehicle in a way that it blocks the traffic200 AED3
Not giving way to vehicles coming from the left when needed200 AED
Not using indicators while changing the direction200 AED3
Not fixing reflective stickers at the back of heavy trucks or vehicles200 AED
Using unmatched number plates on vehicles or containers200 AED
Driving in bad weather or foggy nights without lights200 AED4
Driving with one number plate200 AED2
Violation of using commercial number plates200 AED
Driving unlicensed vehicle200 AED
Not renewing vehicle registration after expiry400 AED
Driving with expired driving license200 AED3
Driving with tyres that are in poor condition200 AED
Exceeding passenger limit200 AED3
Not wearing a helmet while driving a motorbike200 AED4
Using multicolored lights200 AED
Parking on road shoulder except in case of emergency200 AED
Parking in loading and unloading areas without need200 AED
Parking in prohibited areas200 AED2
Not securing vehicle while parked200 AED
Falling or leaking load3000 AED12
Taxi reluctant to carry passengers200 AED4
Reversing in a dangerous way200 AED
Driving a taxi with expired warranty200 AED
Carrying passengers in driving training vehicle200 AED4
Driving taxi without required license200 AED4
Sudden swerve200 AED4
Transporting passengers by vehicles for undesignated purpose200 AED4
Stopping vehicle without maintaining the distance as specified by the law200 AED
Overloading or protruding load on light vehicles without permission200 AED3
Loading a light vehicle in a way of posing danger to the people on the road200 AED3
Turning in a wrong way200 AED4
Turning at undesignated points 200 AED4
Not taking road safety measures during road breakdowns200 AED
Writing phrases or posting stickers on vehicles without any permission200 AED
Carrying and transporting passengers illegally200 AED4
Violating loading and unloading regulations in parking200 AED4
Heavy vehicle prohibited entry200 AED4
Using vehicles for undesignated purposes200 AED4
Not covering loads of trucks3000 AED
Not lifting exhaust of trucks200 AED
Driving a light vehicle that doesn’t follow safety and security conditions200 AED
Vehicle unfit for driving200 AED
Blocking traffic200 AED
Prohibited entry200 AED
Taxis having designated pick up areas but stopping at undesignated places200 AED
Lights on the back or sides of the container not working200 AED
No lights on the sides of trailer container200 AED
Leaving a vehicle on the road with its engine running200 AED
Driving a vehicle that emits gases or fumes with substances exceeding permitting rate300 AED
Towing a boat or vehicle with unprepared vehicle300 AED
Parking behind vehicles and blocking their movement300 AED
Violating the terms of driving license300 AED
Driving with a driving license issued by a foreign country except in permitted areas400 AED
Exceeding maximum speed limit not more than 10km/hr400 AED
Changing vehicle’s color without permission400 AED
Modifying vehicle’s engine without permission400 AED
Modifying vehicle’s chassis without permission400 AED
Operating industrial, construction and mechanical vehicles without permission from the licensing authority500 AED
Placing marks on the road that might damage traffic500 AED
Teaching driving in a non training vehicle without permission from the licensing authority500 AED
Teaching driving in  training vehicle without the sign of learning500 AED
Stopping vehicle on pedestrian crossing500 AED
Stopping vehicle on the left side of the road in prohibited places500 AED

The tabular form above helps you in knowing about different fines in Abu Dhabi.

Payment of Abu Dhabi traffic fines

Abu Dhabi traffic fines can be paid by visiting Abu Dhabi Police website or Abu Dhabi government E portal. You can pay the fines by providing your details like

  • Traffic ID
  • Car plate number or
  • License number online

The payment can be done online by visiting the websites like Abu Dhabi Police or Abu Dhabi E-Government portal unless you are asked to visit the traffic and licensing department.

Payment of fines online

In order to pay fines online, you need to visit the Abu Dhabi Police portal and follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Click on the Traffic fine payment option that’s displayed on the right side of the homepage.
  • Go for “Register new user”.
  • Enter your “Emirates ID”
  • Enter the mobile number on which you want to receive the OTP.
  • Enter the OTP that you received on your mobile.
  • Now, to complete the registration process, fill the form with your details like “Username”, “Password”, “Confirm Password” and “Email ID” and click on “Submit”.
  • Now after getting registered, click on “Traffic fine payment” and you will be displayed a tabular form containing the details of fines like “Fine number”, “Date”, “Source”, “Total amount”, “After discount”, ” Black points”, “Vehicle number”.
  • You need to select the fine with a tick mark to proceed.
  • Once you select the fine, a service summary will be displayed in a tabular form containing “Fine number”, “Date”, “Source”, “Total amount”, “Cancel payment”.
  • Click on the “Continue” button below the table to make the payment.
  • You will be redirected to the payment information where you have to enter the card information and pay the fine imposed on you.

Payment of fines offline

  • Submit a report at Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department
  • Submit the necessary documents like vehicle ownership form, driving license vehicle and license number
  • Pay the required fine.
  • Pay the fee to the Traffic Department by visiting it from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm
  • Pay the fine by approaching police service centers or even by visiting kiosk machines in Abu Dhabi.

Pay using your credit cards without any interest

In order to reduce the burden of traffic fine payment, Abu Dhabi motorists are now allowed to pay the traffic fines in interest-free installments using their credit cards. As of now, these credit cards include banks like Mashreq, Noor Bank, Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic Bank, and Commercial Bank International.

The fine installments can be made over a period of one year without any interest.

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On that note, following all the rules by keeping in mind the fines that can be incurred on you for violating them is very important while driving your vehicle in Abu Dhabi.


The information provided in this article may not be up to date, so to know more about the latest information please visit the official government website of  Abu Dhabi

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