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UAE Visit Visa – Eligibility, Fees, Documents & Steps to Apply

UAE is a land that welcomes a huge number of tourists with open hands. People who plan to visit UAE for 2 weeks or more should have a Visit Visa in order to stay in the UAE.

If you have any family members in the UAE, they can be a sponsor to you by applying for your visa at the Ministry of Interior or at the General Directorate Of Residency And Foreign Affairs offices that are spread all over the UAE.

You can apply to UAE visit Visa 2 months before your arrival to the UAE.

Types of UAE Visit Visa

Long term Visit Visa: Long term Visa is valid for 60 days from the issue date and for 90 days from the arrival date.

Short term Visit Visa: Valid for 30 days from the issue date and for 30 days from the arrival date.

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Factors to consider during the application of Visit Visa

While applying for a UAE visit visa, factors to be considered are

  • Nationality of the person applying for the Visa
  • Purpose of availing the visa

GCC nationals can avail the UAE visit Visa by having their valid passport copies and National IDs.

The Non-GCC nationals should follow their own Visa requirements in order to have the UAE visit visa.

Documentation for UAE Visit Visa

  • Fully completed application form of the applicant.
  • Photograph of a family member.
  • If the children are being sponsored, then attested birth certificates are needed while applying for the Visa.
  • If the applicant is working in the public sector, then the job contract is required and if the applicant works in the private sector, then the salary certificate or travel insurance is needed during the application.
  • If the spouse is being sponsored, then attested marriage certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is needed.
  • If the person is working in the public sector, then attested job contract should be provided as proof.

Fees required while applying for a UAE Visit Visa

Fees to be paid for Short term UAE Visit Visa

  • Fees to be paid for single entry is 370 AED
  • Fees to be paid for multiple entries  is 650 AED

Fees to be paid for long term UAE Visit Visa

  • The fees needed for single entry can be 700 AED
  • The fees needed for multiple entries can be 1750 AED

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility needed for a sponsor

UAE Visit Visa can be sponsored by UAE resident, provided the resident should have

  • A monthly income of 4000 AED to 5000 AED in case of a family member
  • A monthly salary of 6000 AED to 7000 AED in case of relatives and
  • A monthly income of 10000 AED in case of sponsoring their friends.

To avail this visa the sponsorship can be obtained from a UAE resident, hotel based in UAE or any UAE based company.

Eligibility of an applicant of Visit Visa

  • If the applicant is a male who is below 21 years of age, he should be accompanied by a guardian while applying for the Visa.
  • Female applicants who are below 22 years of age should be accompanied by their husband, brother, father or son.
  • People who are below 18 years of age cannot travel alone.
  • Processing of visit visa cannot be done by providing a diplomatic passport of the applicant.

Procedure to apply for UAE Visit Visa

In order to apply for UAE visit visa, you need to

  • The process of obtaining a visit Visa of UAE begins at approaching the typing centers where the applicant usually fills the application form and pay the fees.
  • Once, the fee is paid and the application form is verified, the applicant needs to submit the relevant documents required for the visit Visa.
  • You need to visit DNRD and submit the filled application form that you got from the typing centers along with the required documentation.
  • Visit Visa takes a maximum of 2 days to get issued or on the same day of the application submission if the emergency fees are paid.

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Can you renew Visit Visa?

The Interior Ministry is said to be implementing the previous decision of 2004 again in order to give an extension to UAE visa. All the applications should be submitted and all the transactions should be completed before their Visa period gets expired in order to avoid all the violations.

Both the long term and short term Visit Visas are non-renewable and a person can only stay for a period of one month after the expiry of the Visit Visa and AED 570 will be charged on him during the stay.

Cancellation of UAE Visit Visa

When it comes to the cancelation of UAE Visa, no particular or specific process is involved as the visitor’s departure will be recorded by the immigration authorities and the Visa will be canceled automatically as soon as the visitor leaves the country but the sponsor should present the receipt that has been received when the visitor visited UAE.

If you are going for an online way of cancellation, there is a procedure to do so. You will be needed Visa application number and your Emirates Reference ID to carry on with the online process of cancellation and you always keep in mind that once the request has been submitted, it cannot be changed. Charges are applied depending on your cancelation request.

Visit Visa is a mandatory entity to have if you are visiting UAE and by the above information provided, you can get an overview of the UAE Visit Visa.

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