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Free Wifi at Dubai International Airport

Dubai International airport is one of the world’s largest airports offering a wide range of services to the customers. Operated by Dubai airports company, Dubai international airport stands as one of the major contributors to Dubai’s economy with 90000 employees providing a share of US $ 26.7 billion to the economy.

Adding to the already existing grandiose, the airport has introduced free Wifi facility to the passengers providing them with one of the most fastest Wifi in the world, fastest in Asia, Africa, and European countries.

Now, while you are waiting at the airport you can have hands on your mobile/ laptop browsing all the things you want using “WowFi”. Social media, emails and any other pages or websites that people usually access can be browsed by connecting to this WiFi.

How to connect

In Order to utilize the WowFi services, one needs to follow the below mentioned steps

  • Select DXB or DWC from the network list
  • Open your web browser
  • Click on “ get online now”


The free WiFi services can be utilized for only one hour and if you want to utilize the services for more than one hour, an amount of AED 19.95 has to be paid if it’s used on mobile phones and AED 29.95 if the net gets connected using laptop or computer.

Features and service providers

It is one of the best WiFi networks that got incorporated in Dubai International airport with a speed of 100 megabits/sec and is ten times faster than any home network. Bandwidth to this network is provided by telecom network DU. This high-speed internet can be connected with a single click setting a new mark worldwide and more than 6000 access points are arranged to make sure that speed and reliability are preserved.

Boingo is selected as the WiFi service provider that provides ad-supported WiFi services to the people at the airport. Boingo offers WiFi premium services for data-intensive needs like video streaming, uploading large files etc.,

 Dubai stands for its luxury and lavish lifestyle and this WiFi facility is added as an icing to the cake making people delightful in the recent times.


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