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Having an extra source of income is always handy. One most considered option for an additional income is part time working. Especially in a country like UAE, having different income sources can help in living a financially stress free life. There are several opportunities that residents can consider for part time jobs in UAE.

Few part time jobs that can be considered in UAE

Home Tuition

Taking home tuition is the most common part time job. This requires no additional skills other than academic knowledge. You can teach the kids in your street or building on reasonable charges. If not home tuitions, you can take online tuitions using video calling applications like Botim.  


UAE is a region which has quite various ethnic groups where multilingual can make use of it. If you are fluent in any foreign language other than english then you can consider translator job. Few organizations loom for a certified translator.

Fitness Instructor

If you are a person who loves being strong and fit, then you can make use of it in making some extra money. Take coaching and become a certified fitness instructor. This can help you work in gyms for part-time and earn more. Some of the fitness training centers in Dubai are Empiric, Impact BTS, etc.

Data Entry

If you are having good typing skills with computer knowledge then there are various companies providing data entry jobs. This requires an average of 2-3 hrs work per day.

Baking/ Cooking

If you have good baking/ cooking skills, make use of it by taking simple orders. You can take orders from your friends, neighbours initially and develop the business by promoting yourselves on social media. 


You can make use of your writing skills and contribute to the websites. There are several websites and some good content is what all they need. This job is not limited to UAE, you can work for several foreign websites as well.  


Working at a restaurant as a server/cashier is one of the part time jobs that is considered by most of them. You can look for opportunities at any restaurant/cafe that is close to your workplace/college/home as it will save you travel costs.    

Child/Pet Care

You can be a babysitter for your relatives/ neighbours kids. If you are a pet-lover then make money for spending time with the creatures you love the most. Most of the pet owners face difficulty to leave their pets home and go out. You can take care of the pets until they come back and earn a good amount.

MakeUp artist

If you are passionate and can mesmerize with your makeup skills, then you can be a Makeup Artist(MUA). There would be several fashion/bridal events going on a year-long so you can find work anytime. Give a trail makeover to someone at any upcoming event and grab your first opportunity as MUA. You can join the MUA course at any well-acclaimed schools like Makeup Atelier Training Centre, Emirates Dubai Makeup School, etc., as certification would be an added advantage to your portfolio.   

Delivery Agent

The final and important step to the best online shopping experience is the final delivery of the product. If you have a vehicle, you can find a delivery agent work and deliver it at your comfort. You can check delivery apps like Zomato, Amazon, etc. and find a delivery agent job.

Apart from these, there are several other part time jobs in UAE that can help in making extra money.

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Is it legal to work part time in UAE?

UAE government always encourages the residents to live a good financial life. Part-time jobs are considered legal in UAE unless they don’t violate any rules.  

They provide temporary work permits for individuals who want to work in their leisure time. Employers provide jobs to the residents-only after verifying the documents.

Individuals with only valid and genuine documents will be permitted to work in UAE.

Documents required to apply for a part time job in UAE

  • Passport
  • UAE Resident Visa
  • Emirates ID
  • Labour Card
  • Part-time work permit

Who are eligible for part time jobs in UAE?

Part-time jobs can be considered by everyone who is 18+ of age. Teenagers of 15-18 yrs who are being sponsored by parents/relatives are also eligible.

UAE Residents with a valid resident Visa and work permit are eligible. The part-time work permit is provided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation(MoHRE). They charge AED 100 as fees to provide the part time work permit.

Teenagers who are between 15-18 yrs are provided one year permit on fees AED 500.

Not everyone needs a part-time job but making extra money through your skills is never a bad idea. This will definitely help you in savings and to lead a better financial life.

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