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What you can expect from Dubai lifestyle?

Moving to a new place can be exciting and if it is the most happening city like Dubai then this can double the excitement. Hundreds of expats come to Dubai on a daily basis with loads of dreams and expectations. But even before moving, there are certain things that you must know about the Dubai lifestyle.



As there is a majority of the expat population in Dubai, various international cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Italian, etc are available. This makes you not miss the home food and is also a better chance to try different cuisines. When it comes to local foods, it follows Asian and Middle East cuisine styles. There are several street food joints that provide a delicious meal for lower prices. And not to forget the very famous Dubai Food Festival. There are several supermarkets/hypermarkets that provide groceries at discounted prices. 



As Friday is considered a holy day in Islam, the weekends are Friday and Saturday.

Coming to entertainment, this is the most-happening city. There will be many fun events taking place every now and then. You get to experience several new things here. There are various worldwide famous malls and tourist attractions in Dubai. Apart from that, there are multiplexes which screen Hollywood, Bollywood and many other movies of regional languages. There are quite pleasant parks like Mamzar Beach Park, Safa Park, Creek Park, etc. where you can enjoy the evenings.  

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The Government of Dubai makes sure that how well developed the city is, it doesn’t lose its culture. At the same time, they respect all the cultures in the world. There are restaurants and pubs serving alcohol in Dubai only on ID proofs. Even though there is no specific dress code, people can wear modern outfits without crossing the limits. PDA is strictly a “NO” in Dubai.



Dubai has a sunny climate throughout the year. Even though rainy season falls from December-March it’s still warm and sunny. The climate of Dubai is not so unpredictable. Having a tropical desert climate, the summers in Dubai are very hot and most of the residents prefer staying indoors in that specific season.

Traffic rules and regulations

Dubai Government is very much particular about traffic rules. If you are planning to travel on your own transport or drive by yourself in the city then make sure you know the traffic rules and fines associated. It can be more or less the same as your home country still make sure you are aware of the rules and don’t violate them. Other than traffic rules you must also be aware that spitting or littering at public places is offensive.

Safe and Secure 

Dubai traffic

Dubai has very less crime rate because of its strict laws and rules. It is the most secure place. Dubai is ranked as one of the top safest cities in the world. There is police patrol providing security 24*7 to the citizens. Public transport in Dubai is well-monitored and very safe to travel at any time.

Expensive city 


Apart from Burj Khalifa and the Desert safari, the first thing you might have heard about Dubai is its cost of living. Dubai is an expensive city. People come to Dubai to improve their financial status and save enough to lead a luxurious life. All financial stability can be achieved only through proper planning. Expats who are planning to relocate to Dubai must know how to plan their finances rightly despite earning more than what you were earning at your home town. The cost of living in Dubai is very high, that could end you up in debts if there is no control over expenses. Make a budget and spend accordingly.

Dubai is no more a tax-free zone. The UAE government charges 5% of VAT on the expenses. Even though it is less when compared to other countries, 5% can make a difference in the overall budget.  

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Altogether Dubai is one of the best cities in the world to live in. All you have to do is follow the laws rightly and plan your finances perfectly. This will make your time in Dubai definitely memorable. 

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