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How to open an account with Dubai Islamic Bank?

Having a bank account becomes very essential nowadays. Initially, people use bank accounts to save money or to get interested in the excess money they have. But nowadays people are using different bank accounts for different purposes.

DIB Account Opening

To open a bank account in DIB, Dubai, you need to visit a nearby DIB branch and fill out the application form. Submit a few documents like Emirates ID copy, Visa & Passport (Originals & Copies), etc. If you want detailed information, better to visit any of the DIB branches in person and ask them all the requirements.

DIB Account Opening is simple. DIB customers can open an account online as well.

DIB Online Account Opening needs no paperwork.

  • The applicant can download DIB mobile app
  • Scan the required documents and upload
  • Upload a picture
  • Fill the form with basic details

Who is eligible to open a bank account in DIB in Dubai, UAE?

So, once you have decided which type of bank account is better for you and how to make the best use of that account to manage your finances, you need to understand the basic eligibility criteria to open a bank account in DIB.

Eligibility includes,

  • For Savings Account, the applicant must be 18 years old or above
  • For Deposit Account, the applicant must be 21 years old or above
  • When you go with Deposit Account, you should already have a Savings or Current Account in DIB

Other than these, the applicant must have a specific minimum salary to be eligible for the account. 

What do you need to know before opening an Account?

If you have never experienced with opening a bank account or this is the first time to open a bank account, you may have many questions in your mind like which account you can get? What can be beneficial for you? And many more. Yes, it is good to know the basic things to know before opening a bank account like types of bank accounts, eligibility, documents required and initial deposit, minimum balance to maintain, etc. 

Why should we have a bank account in the UAE?

In the UAE, almost everyone’s top priority is to manage their finances. Especially for expats it is essential to save and manage their finances. Having a bank account in the UAE always helps us to manage our finances according to our needs & in the right way. A bank account in the UAE provides a door to opportunities and deals and supports globally and locally the trading or services needs for individuals or private sectors. 

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Different types of accounts available with DIB

Not everyone needs the same type of bank account. It completely depends on their needs & finances. People open current accounts to manage their everyday banking needs, savings accounts to save money & deposit accounts to get profit on their money, children’s accounts to save money for their child’s future.

Dubai Islamic Bank offers various accounts to their customers.

Current Accounts:

  1. Al Islami Current Account
  2. Al Islami Current Account Plus
  3. Johara Current Account


  • Everyday banking needs
  • Online payment of bills
  • Electronic banking
  • Daily cash withdrawal limit up to AED 10,000

Al Islam 2-in-1 Account:

The Al Islami 2-in-1 Account is the combination of current and savings account, which offers a comprehensive view of your finances. You can withdraw from this account while still earning profit from the balance maintained in the account.


  • Electronic Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Expected Profit-Earning Account
  • Online Payment of Bills

Savings Accounts:

  1. Al Islami Savings Account
  2. Al Islami E-Savings Account
  3. Shaatir Savings Account
  4. Johara Savings Account


  • Available in AED and USD currencies
  • Available for Minors
  • Electronic Banking
  • Expected Profit-Earning Account

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Deposit Accounts:

You can make more money with the money you deposit in the deposit accounts and the interest depends on how long you deposit your money.

  1. Al Islami Investment Deposit Account
  2. Johara Investment Deposit Account


  • Multiple Currencies
  • Flexible Tenures
  • High Expected Profit Rates
  • Available for Minors

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Finally, don’t get confused or stressful. Opening a bank account in Dubai, UAE is a very simple and easy process. We hope you got a good idea about bank accounts and benefits with DIB Dubai, UAE.

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Sai Sameera
Sai Sameera
Sameera’s interest in the finance niche and immense interest in reading has made her a personal finance writer for MyMoneySouq. She calls herself a writer by day and reader by night. She enjoys writing as much as cooking.


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