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SIB Smiles – Benefits & Rewards

Sharjah Islamic Bank introduced “SIB Smiles” credit cards for their customers that they get rewarded with smiles (reward points) in every aspect of their life. Smiles are the reward points that are credited or debited to the rewards account while using your SIB Mastercard Credit card.  People earn “smiles” when they spend money with their Mastercard Credit card and redeem these “smiles” at different places like car rental, on electronics and hotel stays, etc. 

Smiles Cards & their Benefits:

Sharjah Islamic Bank introduced two variants of “ SIB Smiles” cards for their customers. 

  1. Titanium Smiles Card
  2. World Smiles Card


Titanium Smiles Card:
  • No annual fee on this card forever.
  • Earn “1 smiles” on AED 2 spent on local expenses
  • Earn “2 smiles” on AED 2 spent on international expenses
  • Free airport lounges access in primary cities in the region
  • Card Fraud Protection is another great advantage for this card
  • Earn “0.5 smiles” when you make transactions under Government bills description, utility and on Education, on AED 2 spent with your Mastercard covered card

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World Smiles Card:
  • Earn “1.5 smiles” on AED 2 spent on local expenses – Only World “Smiles” Mastercard® Card
  • Earn “3 smiles” on AED 2 spent on international expenses – Only World “Smiles” Mastercard® Card
  • You will be provided a “Concierge” service on this card.
  • You will get “Personalized” travel services.
  • Earn “0.75 smiles” when you make transactions under Government bills description, utility and on Education, on AED 2 spent with your Mastercard covered card
  • Discounts on Luxury serviced apartments

Where can I redeem these “Smiles”?

SIB Smiles can be redeemed for the following benefits, 

  • For Shopping Gift Cards – You will get Local Shopping Gift Cards (UAE gift cards) from various popular merchants.
  • Hotel Stays – Stay for free in different hotels (over 300,000) globally.
  • Travel tickets – Travel (fly) from anywhere to everywhere for free with over 300 airlines.
  • Shopping – Shop exclusively over 13,000 items with SIB Online Shop including Diamonds, jewelry, and dining, etc.

How can I redeem “SIB Smiles”?

To redeem your “SIB Smiles”, you need to login to your “Smiles” account with a username or Smiles account number and password on their login page

Note: You will need your “Loyalty ID” to reactivate your “Smiles account” when it is deactivated.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How to apply for a “SIB Smiles” card?

A. You can use the following methods to apply for a “SIB Smiles” card with the required documents.

  • By visiting any of the SIB branches
  • By calling SIB call center at 0097165999999 anytime

Q. What are the documents required to apply for a “SIB Smiles” card?

A. Required Documents:

  • Application form with all details in it
  • Copy of Passport & Emirates ID
  • For Expats – Residence Visa
  • Salary slip
  • Salary certificate
  • Bank statements for 3 months

Q. Are there any movie benefits with “SIB Smiles” cards?

A.  Yes, you will get Buy 1 Get 1 Free VOX Cinema Ticket on both cards. The offer is available every day (including weekends) throughout the week.

  • Titanium “Smiles” Mastercard® Card  – Up to 2 tickets per month
  • World “Smiles” Mastercard® Card –  Up to 4 tickets per month

Q. Is it mandatory to open an SIB account to apply for a Smiles card?

A. No, you can get the “SIB Smiles” card even if you don’t have any prior SIB transactional account.

Q. What is the validity of a “Smiles” card?

A. Once you get a Smile card, it is valid up to 1 year from the date of purchase. The Cardholder should not use the Card before or after the date of expiry of validity.

Q. What is the expiration date of “Smiles”?

A. SIB Smiles come with a validity of 3 years. Smiles will not be redeemed unless the minimum monthly payment due was repaid for a single statement period in the Card Account.

Q. Is there any late payment fee if I cannot make the minimum monthly card payment?

A. Your card will be charged a late payment fee of AED 225.

Q. How many supplementary cards can I have on this card?

A. You can have up to 4 supplementary cards. You can earn “Smiles” with all supplementary cards, but only the Primary Card Member will be qualified for redemption.

Q. Can I combine “Smiles” from different accounts?

A. No, you cannot combine the smiles of different accounts for redemption & SIB Smiles are not transferable to other accounts.

Q. Can I revert my smiles once I redeemed?

 A. No, the request for redemption can not be canceled, transferred, revoked or changed in any way, once a request for redemption is made.

Q. What is the minimum salary eligibility to get the “Smiles” card?

A. The minimum salary required for a SIB Smiles credit card is AED 6000.

Q. Where can I use the SIB covered card?

A. SIB Smiles cards can be used at POS machines and ATMs that accept Mastercards.

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