Indian Banks in Dubai

Indian Banks in Dubai, UAE  

UAE is a country with more expat population where Indians comprise of 27% of the total population. Having maximum Indian population, there are several Indian organizations established their presence in the Emirates. Coming to the financial sector, in UAE there are quite a few Indian Banks. Even though most of the Indian banks in Dubai don’t carry financial operations, their branches help the Indian expats to manage the accounts back in their homeland. 

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Here’s a list of Indian Banks in Dubai, UAE  

Commercial Indian bank with all the services 

Commercial banks are the banks that carry out all kinds of financial operations like loans, accounts, etc. They follow conventional banking principles. 

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda is the oldest bank established in UAE. It is one of the banks that carry financial operations in UAE.

They provide financial assistance to the expats and UAE nationals as well. They offer personal loan, home loan, car loan, savings account, deposits account and many other services to the UAE Residents.

They have 15 branches in the UAE with more than 6 branches in Dubai.

Commercial banks with limited services

Some of the Indian banks in Dubai operate on the guidelines provided by the Dubai International Financial Center(DIFC). They are limited to a few services like Deposits, Credit, Financial Advisory, Advice on Investment deals.

Union Bank of India

It has two branches in UAE. Union Bank of India, Dubai is located in Dubai International Financial Center. It provides limited business activities like accepting deposits, providing credit, financial advice, setting investment deals, etc.,

The other branch is the representative office located in Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street, Abu Dhabi.  


IDBI has set up its office in Dubai International Financial Center, Dubai. It offers services like Deposits, providing credit, financial advice, deals on investments, etc.  

State Bank of India

State Bank of India(SBI) operates under the guidelines of Dubai Financial Services Authority. It is providing its services in Dubai since 2007. SBI has 2 branches in DIFC, Dubai. One branch provides few services like term deposits, financial advice, providing credit, arranging deals in investments. The other branch is totally for administration purpose with no business activities.

Canara Bank

Canara Bank has two branches in UAE. It is located in Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai and Sharjah as well.

The office in Al Soor area, Sharjah works as a representative branch and the DIFC branch provides few services like deposits, advice on financial products, investments deals, advice and arrangement on credit.

Punjab National Bank

The business activities provided in Punjab National Bank are accepting deposits, arranging credit. It has an advisory team to help with credit, deposits, investments and other financial products.

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Representative branches

There are some Indian banks in the UAE that don’t perform any banking activities but are set up as a representative branch. Representative branches don’t provide regular banking operations. They carry out marketing activities.

Andhra Bank

They have a representative branch located in Al Karama region, Dubai.

Bank of India

Bank of India has a representative branch in Dubai. They are located in Emirates Financial Towers.  

Corporation Bank

The chief representative office of corporation bank is located in Toronto Building, Bur Dubai.

Indian Overseas Bank

Indian Overseas Bank’s representative office in Dubai is located at Al Karama.

Oriental Bank of Commerce

Oriental bank of commerce has its representative branch in Al Karama, Dubai.  


The representative branch of HDFC is located in Trade Center Road, Dubai.  

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