Process of Car Registration in Dubai

In Dubai having a car is very comfortable as it makes traveling easy around the city. To own a car you need to follow certain rules and regulations of Dubai. A valid license is required to drive a car in the UAE. The most important aspect is you should not drive a car without a valid registration in Dubai. It is mandatory to register your car in Dubai. There are different documents that are required for registration and there is a systematic process for registering a car in Dubai. In this article, we discuss the car registration process in Dubai. The process of registration of a new car, the used car registration, and renewal of registration. 

Registration of New Car in the Dubai

In Dubai, when a new car is purchased the showroom dealer will do the registration on behalf of the customer. The car owner also can do the registration by directly visiting the RTA office centre or through the service providers. For the purpose of the registration, you need to have one of the following documents in Dubai. 

  • A Residence Visa which is valid and issued by Dubai Authorities
  • A rental contract in Dubai under your name
  • Employment proof in Dubai

Documentation required for Car registration in Dubai

You need the following documents for new car registration in Dubai

  • Original Emirates ID
  • Traffic File
  • Passport copy
  • A UAE customs card or possession certificate
  • A sales agreement between you and showroom (the agreement can be in physical form or electronic form)
  • Insurance certificate of your vehicle which is valid for six months or more
  • Letter issued by the bank authorities if your car is purchased through loan.

For the purpose of registration the above listed documents have to be arranged and then visit RTA customer happiness center or Tasjeel, Wasel or Mumayaz Testing Centres. You have to submit documents required and pay the prescribed fee to the authorities. This process would take approximately ten minutes. You also need to clear any pending penalties payable to the RTA authorities. Once you have paid the registration fee, you will get a license card. This card is also called a Mulkiya Card. Along with the vehicle license card, you will also get vehicle number plates and the stickers. 

The vehicle registration validity in Dubai is generally 1 year and it should be renewed thereafter. 

Registration charges for a New car in Dubai

The cost of registration of a new car in Dubai is AED 420. If there are no previous penalties you should open a traffic file, the charges for this will be AED 220. 

Registration of Used Car in Dubai

Every one cannot afford to buy a new car, you can buy a used car and get it registered. The process of registration of a used car is different from the new car registration and as it needs additional documentation. If you are purchasing a used car from the authorised dealer or any car agency they will assist you in the registration process. You just need to submit the necessary documents to the dealers. If you have purchased through any other sources then you should follow the below steps and proceed accordingly. 

This process is applicable to the residents of Dubai and also for those working in Dubai who have purchased a used car which is registered previously in Dubai. 

Prior to the registration of used cars you have to complete the process of transfer of ownership of used car into the new owner’s name.  

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Documentation required for Used Car registration in Dubai

To register the used cars in Dubai the below documents are required. 

  • Traffic File
  • Technical Inspection Certificate of vehicle
  • Car Insurance
  • Original Emirates ID  of the Buyer and Seller
  • Residence Visa Copy of the Buyer
  • Passport copy of the Buyer
  • Car License or the Mulkiya card of the Seller

Once you submit all the required documentation, the car will go through a technical inspection at the Tasjeel centre or at a Shamil centre. The ownership gets transferred to the buyer and the registration process will happen. There is a service fee which has to be paid. Once the prescribed fees are paid, the new owner will get the expiry stickers and the car license. If the number was changed a new car license plate is issued to the new owner. 

Centres for Used Car registration in Dubai

Used cars are registered in Dubai at Tasjeel centres or at Shamil centres. The ownership of cars can be transferred and the car inspection is also done at Shamil centres or at Tasjeel centres. 

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Charges for Used Car registration in the Dubai

The charges for used car registration in Dubai is AED 420. For transferring the ownership of a used car there are additional charges which are listed below. 

  • Car technical inspection charges are AED 170
  • Ownership transfer amount AED 350
  • Traffic file if its not already opened charges amounting AED 220

There are additional fees associated with transfer of ownership; these include a selling fee which is AED 50. Other charges such as innovation and knowledge fee amounting to AED 20 and other charges for vehicle plates. For more details on fee structure you can contact Tasjeel or Shamil centres. 

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