Car registration renewal

Vehicle registration renewal is one of the essential things one has to carry out if one possess a car. Now the vehicle registration renewal has even become easier with the online process that got introduced recently.

Here are the steps and procedures involved to get your car registered in Dubai

Renewal of car registration should be done yearly once. If you own a new car, the dealer from which you bought the car will take care of the car-renewal for one year after the registration whereas the responsibility of the renewal will be on your shoulders from the next year onwards.

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You can get your vehicle registration insured from the insurance companies that include

  • Noor Takaful
  • Oman Insurance
  • Fujairah Insurance
  • RSA Insurance

Vehicle Registration Renewal procedure

In order to proceed with your registration renewal, you need to focus on the below-mentioned steps

Make sure that you clear all the fines

Before carrying out with your car registration renewal, keep it in my mind to clear all the fines that are imposed on you. You should be fine free and traffic fines in Dubai can be paid using RTA website or RTA mobile application that help you pay the fines without any hassle or worry whatsoever

Car test

This is the second most important thing to focus during the renewal. Car test should be done if your car is more than three years old. To test your car, you can take it to any of the RTA or ADNOC testing centers and get a pass certificate from them.

This step is usually carried out to test if the vehicle is fit to be driven on the road under which the tires, steering, braking, chassis, etc are accessed. The test is valid for a period of 30 days after which it gets expired. If the validity gets finished or if your car gets failed, the car needs to be retested. The time taken for this test is 40 mins while the charges are AED 170.

Ways to Renew your Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration Renewal Online

You can renew your vehicle registration online by going through RTA website or RTA mobile application.

After logging into the RTA website or app, select your car, submit all the needed documents and make a confirmation regarding the delivery method. You can get your registration through any of the offices via courier. The application registration process takes 5 working days to complete from the day of paying the fees

Vehicle Registration Renewal Offline

You have to visit the office and wait in a queue in order to pay the fees for the vehicle registration renewal. After paying the fees which is Dh 350, you will get your new renewed vehicle registration card. A new registration sticker with expiry date is given to you. You can place this sticker on the number plate of your car up on the old number plate and you are complete with the process.

No plastic registration cards

In recent times, you can avoid or get rid of the plastic registration cards by replacing them with the virtual registration cards. RTA took an initiative of “My vehicle” where the e registration cards are provided with lifelong validity unlike the registration cards used earlier that comes with an expiry date.

But the important point you still have to remember is that you have to go for renewal of the car every year and take the car to the RTA approved testing centers to get your car tested.

Documentation required for the vehicle registration renewal

  • Insurance certificate of the vehicle
  • Old registration card
  • Passed or test certificate of the car

Car Registration Fee in Dubai

  • Test of the car costs you AED 150
  • Registration costs you AED 350

What if you don’t have time for the vehicle registration renewal?

  • You can get all your procedures done including collecting and returning the car to you by paying an extra fee to the companies. You can check your insurance company
  • If you can’t get the time for your car to get registered, you can go with the RTAs newly introduced “Personal appearance service”.
  • This can be done by visiting the RTA customer service center, register by submitting your personal details, and receive a Permanent Identification Number (PIN) after which a representative can be sent by you along with the PIN number you received, in order to carry out with your licensing work be it with one car or more than one car that is under the name of you.
  • Here you need to take note that once your representative visits the office with the PIN, it gets expired and to get another PIN, another “Personal Appearance Service” has to be utilized.

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Renewal of car registration online or offline can be done by the above-mentioned procedure and you need to remember that your car is exempted for test for a period of two years if it is bought recently.

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