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RTA parking cards- What you need to know

What are parking cards?

Parking cards can be used to pay for parking without the use of coins. Also, by using parking cards, parking can be done without the need of payment every time.

RTA Seasonal parking cards

It’s a known fact that parking is a tough thing and a daily struggle faced by every citizen in UAE.

In order to ease this difficulty, RTA has introduced seasonal parking cards to offer relief to the people who want to get upgraded from pay as you go system where it would be a problem if one forgets to insert a coin in the machine or if one forgets to send the text.

Seasonal parking cards launched by RTA can be purchased on a monthly, half-yearly and yearly basis with varying charges depending on the card.

Seasonal parking cards allow the cardholder to use public parking in Dubai according to the symbol in the parking signs without the need to make a payment each time.

How to get RTA seasonal parking cards

  • The customer who wants to obtain RTA seasonal parking cards logs into the website or mobile application related to RTA and selects the service of seasonal parking cards.
  • Now, he enters the vehicle’s details.
  • Then, he pays the fees using his credit card.
  • Card gets activated and the customer need not show it if it belonged to one vehicle, if it’s related to more than one vehicle then the seasonal card can be printed and placed in the recognizable spot of the vehicle’s dashboard.

RTA mobile app

RTA mobile app can also be used instead of printed card and this helps in preventing damage or loss of the card and also to remotely activate the vehicle without transferring the card from one vehicle to another.

Charges applied to RTA Seasonal parking cards

Charges applied on RTA seasonal parking cards varies depending on the type of card you select.

Card TypeDurationCharges
General30 daysAED 500
General3 monthsAED 1400
General6 monthsAED 2500
General1 YearAED 4500 
Plots30 daysAED 250
Plots3 monthsAED 700
Plots6 monthsAED 1300
Plots1 YearAED 2400

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RTA parking zones in which different seasonal parking cards can be used



Type of card




    Zone A Card A8 am to 10 pm with no break between 1 pm to 4 pm like before
    Zone B Card A, B8 am to 10 pm with no break between 1 pm to 4 pm like before
    Zone C Card A8 am to 10 pm with no break between 1 pm to 4 pm like before
    Zone DCard  A, B8 am to 10 pm with no break between 1 pm to 4 pm like before

Requirements for this service:

For a customer to avail an RTA parking card, he should have a valid vehicle registration ID.

Parking cards are what make parking easy nowadays and availing this service helps the customers park the vehicles in the more organized way possible.

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