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Loans without Credit Score check in UAE

Everyone applies for a loan at least once in their lifetime. But it is not guaranteed that your loan application may get approved. Most of the loan applications in UAE gets rejected only due to a low credit score. Loans without a credit score check in UAE is not easy.

It is well known that Banks in UAE check the applicant’s credit history and are very much particular about the applicant’s credit score. They approve a loan application only if the credit score is good i.e the score should be above 580 in order to get approved. Higher the credit score, higher the chances of loan approval. 

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Why do banks check credit history?

Before approving loan banks do check your Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) Credit report. The credit report provided by AECB has all the financial information of an applicant right from the previous and existing loans, the number of credit cards, monthly income, and the credit score. They determine the person’s ability to pay back the loan and installments on time without any burden, through the debt to burden ratio, by taking your incoming and outgoing cash flow into the consideration.

How to get a loan without a credit score check?

It is not easy for a person with a low credit score to get a loan from a bank. There are banks that provide loans for no salary transfer, personal loans for non-listed companies, but there no banks in UAE that avoid low credit score and provide an unsecured loan.

Other than the personal loan in UAE, there are a few options you can consider to get a loan

Peer to Peer Lending Platforms

The first thing that comes to the mind, when someone needs an extra cash is asking a friend. This actually works but not all the time and not definitely when you need a huge amount of loan.

Well in such cases, a private lender comes into the picture. There are few officially permitted private lenders in UAE, who provide loans for the applicants with low credit score. Usually, private lenders provide no credit check loans. They just go through some documents to prove identity. Even though you get instant cash, the private lenders charge very high interest rates which can be twice of the bank rates and this is one of the reasons why private lenders are not a right option.

Secured Loan

Banks are particular about credit score while providing an unsecured loan, but in the case of a secured loan they might consider the loan applications without credit check in UAE but can be on high-profit rates which can vary with each bank. You can pledge your assets like car, gold, etc., as collateral and get a loan against them.

Lending using Credit Card  

If you own a credit card, then it can be equal to an asset. You can get loans against your credit cards in UAE or avail cash advance option. But it is not so preferable to get a loan against your credit card, as it is provided at very high-interest rates that can be a huge burden.

Salary Advance

This is a better option for salaried individuals. Jobholders can get a loan against their monthly income. There are various popular banks in UAE like RAK Bank, Emirates NBD, Dubai Islamic Bank, ADCB, etc., that provides loan against your salary on competitive interest rates.

Other than these there are various other options to get a loan in UAE, which you can consider and meet your short-term goals.

In the meantime try to improve your credit score which can have a higher impact at the time of need. According to a report, it would take at least 7 years to get out of a bad credit score. If you pay your credit card and other installments on time without any delays for 3 consecutive months there are chances of getting your credit score improved. Also, try to maintain the good score once you achieve it.

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