Travelez card

Travelez Card

TravelEZ Card is a prepaid card that is the best alternative for your money. It is convenient for global access to your funds and provides safety for your money. It can be used at more than 29 million shops all over the world and you don’t need a bank account or credit checks to apply for Travelez Card. It provides exclusive offers and discounts for the cardholders.

Travelez is an optimal card for people who like to spend in limit while traveling abroad. Even if you don’t travel much, it is the best option for those who want to limit their monthly expenditure. It can be bought easily and can be recharged at any Al Fardan Exchange store.

Types of Travelez Cards

Travelez Prepaid Visa card consists of 3 products TravelezPlus, Travelez AED and Travelez USD. They have no purchasing limit and they are accepted globally at any outlet or ATM which accepts visa cards. You get the advantage of charging your prepaid card with desired currency prior to your vacation so that you can enjoy the benefits of interest rates on your prepaid card.

TravelezPlus– It consists of up to 13+ currencies and a free mobile app with which you can easily manage your currencies. With this feature, you can do balance inquiry, check your transaction history, deactivate your card and can transfer cash from one card to another. You also get a feature of PIN protection, which makes your Travelez card way more safer than traveling with cash.

Travelez AED– It is a prepaid reloadable card which can be loaded with AED. You get the option of selecting from standard and personalized cards. No need to have a bank account to get Travelez AED card and you won’t be charged with any hidden fees or interest charges. This card is globally accepted and you the facility of tracking all your transactions online.

Travelez USD- It is a prepaid reloadable card which can be loaded with USD. It has almost same features as that of Travelez AED card. You can use this card in ATM, POS and for online transactions also.

Fees and charges:

You may have to pay some fees if you don’t follow terms and conditions of Al Fardan.

  • If your card shows no activity for 6 months then you’ll be charged with 10 UAE Dirhams for a Travelez AED and 3 UAE Dirhams for a Travelez USD card on a monthly basis.
  • You’ll be charged with 5 UAE Dirhams every time you reload your card.

Benefits of using Travelez Prepaid Card:

  • There is no need to have a bank account to enjoy the benefits of Travelez Card.
  • You don’t have to go through the long application process.
  • This card can be bought from any Al Fardan Exchange store in UAE.
  • You can use your Travelez card to withdraw cash from any ATM all over the world that accepts Visa.
  • Travelez prepaid card can be used for shopping online.

For a standard user, Travelez card is valid for 12 months and for a premium card user it is valid for 36 months from the day it was loaded first. It is suggested to use the balance amount before the expiration date, since after the expiration date whatever the balance is left in your Travelez card will be relinquished.

Special Offers:

  • You can receive a discount of up to 15% on business class and 10% on economy class tickets purchased from Egypt Air using TravelezPlus.
  • DEWA staff members get 50% discount on TravelezPlus card issuance and no reload fees will be charged.
  • Similarly, all Flydubai lifestyle members can get 50% discount on TravelezPlus card issuance and no reload fees will be charged.

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You can easily own a Travelez card, all you need to do is visit Al Fardan Exchange with your Emirates ID and purchase a Travelez Prepaid Visa Card.

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