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What is the C3 card?

C3 card is nothing but a card introduced by the C3 prepaid service provider company with a mission to ease the cash transfer for payroll disbursal. By using the C3 card, carrying huge amounts of cash can be avoided between the employees and the employer as the transfer of cash can be done via electronic medium using C3 card.

C3 also offers financial security to the employees and processes payroll disbursal purposes to the corporations.

Coming to the UAE, people who work for a company or corporation can instantly draw their money from the electronic machines or ATMs by using the C3 card and they as they are given access to the same by means of C3 card all in accordance with the Ministry of Labor Legislation that came into force in January 2008.

One of the important aspects of C3 card is that it takes into consideration the requirements of both the employers and the cardholders.

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How to use C3 card?

C3 card that you use will be accepted by all the Mastercard ATMs in the UAE and also in the country you belong to and also in places where Mastercard is acceptable like supermarkets, restaurants, cleaning stores etc.,

Registration of C3 card

You can get registered for the C3 card services online by visiting the official website myc3card.com. You can go through the registration steps here

  • Visit myc3card.com
  • Click on “Register”
  • You will be redirected to an application form
  • Fill in the details of the Card number, mobile number, Email ID, password and confirmation of the password.
  • Click on register
  • Go with the mobile verification step followed by completion of registration

Services of C3 card

You can avail the services of the C3 card by using a mobile application(iOS and Android) or by going through the website.

The C3 card you get will be connected to the mobile application where you are benefited with a good number of services to the employees like

Card services

  • Balance enquiry and transaction history which charges AED 1 for monthly enquiries
  • Statement request of the card that costs you with AED 25 for every soft copy you request

Mobile Top Up services

  • Top Up for local (UAE) as well as international

Money transfer (remittance)

By using the C3 mobile app and RAK money transfer, you can transfer funds anywhere, anytime with the best exchange rates and affordable fund transfer fees. You can do the transfer by

  • Going through the app
  • Click on the Rak Money transfer
  • Click on “Add beneficiary”
  • Enter the country name to which you want to transfer
  • Choose the type of transfer
  • Review and confirm
  • Enter the one-time password that will be sent to your phone
  • To transfer the money, choose the beneficiary
  • Enter the amount and purpose of transfer
  • Select the transfer fees
  • Confirm the transaction followed by entering the OTP and clicking on Submit.

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Benefits of C3 card

C3 cards hold many benefits and here are some of them

  • The card is flexible and convenient to use
  • Quick and immediate access to the funds as there is access to fixed and mobile ATM machines
  • Unlimited acceptance by POS and ATMs all over the world
  • No more waiting in long queues and cheques
  • 24/7 service help availability if there are any issues regarding the card
  • You can get a variety of services like remittance, mobile top-ups, local and international utility bill payments.

Steps to follow to keep your card safe

  • Don’t ever share your PIN with anyone
  • Don’t write your PIN on the back of your card
  • Don’t enter your PIN more than twice while using the ATM machine as your card might get blocked.
  • If you lost or forgot your card, get in touch with the call center immediately
  • You can find the contact details of the call center on the back of the payroll card

Service fees of C3 card

Service Fees
Balance Enquiry via call center
Balance Enquiry Via C3 channels AED 1 (unlimited requests)
Balance Enquiry In the UAE at C3 ATMs AED 1 (unlimited requests)
Balance Enquiry In the UAE at non C3 ATMs AED 2 per transaction
Cash Withdrawal fees in the UAE at C3 ATMs
Cash Withdrawal fees in the UAE at non C3 ATMs AED 2 per transaction
Soft copy of StatementAED 25 per statement

Note: Any service fee that is not mentioned above can be known by contacting the C3 call center.

Things to remember about C3 card

  • The first thing to keep in mind regarding this card is that C3 card is not a credit card and thus holds no limit while you are using it to draw your money.
  • You can use the C3 card at any supermarkets that accept the card, at the banks and at the ATM machines to withdraw money
  • The written statement will not be given to you when you withdraw the money. However, you can know the details of your balance through the ATM balance enquiry facility or by contacting the call centers.
  • If you want a printed statement, it will be given on request to you if you pay certain fees that will be debited from your account immediately
  • Any disputes or claims of your card will only be accepted in writing and that too not more than 15 days from which the incident has taken place
  • The claim notice should contain the info like employee ID, your name and card number
  • The card member can inform about the loss or theft of the PIN to the call center within a span of 24 hours.
  • The cardholder is completely liable to any debt on the card account even when the transaction has taken place without the knowledge of the cardholder
  • As C3 card is the property of C3, it has all the rights to dismiss your usage of the card at any time as per its wish
  • If the employer cancels the C3 card, C3 applies a monthly fee of AED 20 on the remaining balance and if no balance is available in the payroll card, it will be immediately canceled
  • C3 can change the terms and conditions at any point of time and you can go through them by visiting the official website

On a whole, C3 card eases the transactions for employers, cardholders etc., by providing user-friendly services to the people in a secure way possible.

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