ADCB 0% Interest Instalment Plan

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ADCB 0 Installment Plan

Banks charge 10-20% of interest rates on EMI for purchases made using a credit card. But there are banks like ADCB that provides 0% installment plan for the credit card users.

ADCB 0 Installment plan is quite famous amongst the credit card users. This allows the credit card holder to purchase a product in installments for 3-12 months with zero rates of interest. The minimum purchase to access easy payment plan is AED 500(Depends on the outlet). ADCB easy payment plan doesn’t include any extra charges other than the product prices.

ADCB 0 Installment Plan on Online Shopping

ADCB Credit Card easy payment plan is available on few famous shopping websites like,,

  • Purchase the required items on your e-commerce site
  • Pay the bill using ADCB Credit Card
  • Call ADCB Customer care 800 2030
  • Request them to convert the payment to the 0% easy payment plan
  • Give them your payment invoice details
  • Choose the number of installments you want to pay
  • Your payment will be converted to the 0% installment plan immediately
  • The number of installments depends on the product and the website you are purchasing a product from.

ADCB 0 Installment Plan on Offline Shopping

ADCB 0 installment credit card is not limited to the e-commerce sites, every time you use your ADCB Credit Card at certain places you can convert the payment to an easy payment plan.

You can access ADCB 0 installment plan on automobiles, jewelry, education, electronics, health and wellness, movies, entertainment, and leisure.

Many well-known places provide 0 installment plan on the purchases made using the ADCB Credit Card.

Here’s a list of few places where you can make use of the easy payment plan using ADCB Credit Card

  • Dubai Police
  • Al Tayer Motors
  • Premier Motors
  • RTA
  • British Council
  • Cambridge Education Institute
  • Apple store
  • Eros Digital
  • Harman House
  • MDS Mobile
  • Grand Store
  • Flex Fitness
  • Sky Jewellers
  • Malabar Gold and Diamonds
  • GRT Jewellers
  • Kalyan Jewellers
  • MakeMyTrip
  • Emirates Skywards
  • Al Futtaim Panatech
  • Flex Fitness
  • Healthplus Network of specialty centers
  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and many more

Click here to find more outlets that offer ADCB 0 installment plan facility 

Steps to follow at stores:

Follow these simple steps to pay using ADCB easy payment plan at stores

  • Purchase the required items
  • Pay the bill using ADCB Credit Card
  • Call ADCB Customer care 800 2030
  • Request them to convert the payment to the 0% easy payment plan
  • Give them your payment invoice details
  • Choose the number of installments you want to pay
  • Your payment will be converted to the 0% installment plan immediately
  • The number of installments depends on the product and the website you are purchasing a product from

ADCB provides this facility on most of the credit cards it provides. Few things a customer has to make sure is

  • Meet the minimum purchase amount requirement which varies with each outlet.
  • Call ADCB customer care within 24hrs or before the next billing cycle regarding the conversion. You will get a confirmation message to your register mobile number once your shopping bill is converted to the 0% installment plan.
  • The validity of this plan differs from each store and it is valid only for a certain period of time.


⭐ Do my payment automatically gets converted into the EPP?

A. No, You need to call the ADCB Customer care 800 2030 and request them for conversion within 24hrs after the purchase or before the next billing cycle.

⭐ Do I need to get a separate ADCB Credit Card to avail this?

A. No, You can avail this on your existing ADCB Credit Cards.

⭐ What if I don’t inform the bank regarding the conversion?

A. If you don’t inform the bank, your payment will not be considered as EPP.

⭐ What are the required details I need to provide for conversion?

A. You need to call from your registered mobile number and provide the invoice details on the products purchased.

⭐ What is the minimum purchase amount required to avail 0% EPP?

A. The minimum amount required depends on the outlet you purchase from which can vary from AED 500 to AED 2000.

⭐ Can I avail 0% EPP anywhere?

A No. 0% EPP can be availed only at selected outlets.

⭐ Can I clear my EPP prior to the planned tenure?

A Yes. You can clear the EPP prior to the planned tenure but a pre-payment fee will be applied.

⭐ How will I get a bill of the conversion made to EPP?

A Your credit card billing statement will contain the details regarding the regular payment to EPP conversion.

⭐ What are the processing fees charged for converting regular payments to EPP?

A AED 52.50 is charged for converting regular payments to EPP.

⭐ Is there any minimum purchase required to convert regular payments to EPP?

A Yes. There is a minimum purchase requirement to convert regular credit card payments to EPP and the minimum purchase amount varies with the merchant.

⭐ What if I miss my monthly payments of EPP?

A In the case of missing the EPP instalments for 2 consecutive months, ADCB will cancel the EPP service and you need to pay the total amount as early as possible.

⭐ Can I avail EPP facility even on online transactions?

A Yes. You can avail EPP facility on online transactions as well.

⭐ What is the maximum tenure provided on the EPP?

A The maximum tenure provided depends on the outlet which can vary from 3 - 12 months.

⭐ How do I contact ADCB?

A You can visit ADCB Customer Care page and get the contact details of the bank.

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