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Sharjah Traffic Fines – Payment & Fine Amount

In the UAE, traffic rules are usually strict and organized and you need to follow them to be fine free. Sharjah as a part of the UAE also imposes fines on people who violate traffic rules.

Sharjah Traffic fines Payment

Sharjah traffic fines payment can be done by visiting police stations, traffic police centers, traffic village, Police Service Centre or online on the official government websites.

You can also pay the traffic fines by using Ministry of Interior mobile application.

Steps involved

  • Visit the Government of Dubai: RTA website
  • In “Traffic fines”, you can find “License number”, “Traffic number”, “Plate number”.
  • Choose one and the locations in which you have to pay the fine will be displayed along with the amount of fine.
  • Select one location and click on “Pay now”.
  • Select the payment method you want to make the Sharjah Traffic Fine Payment
  • Pay the fine

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Sharjah Traffic Fines – Violation, Fines and Black Points

Below mentioned is the tabular form where you get the information about fines that can be imposed on each violation caused

       Violation      FineBlack points
Light vehicles not abiding by traffic signs and lights100 AED
Heavy vehicles not abiding by traffic signs and lights on external roads500 AED0
Parking vehicles on pedestrian crossing100 AED0
Parking vehicles without abiding by standard distance from bifurcation and curve100 AED0
Parking vehicles in a way that poses danger to the passengers100 AED0
Parking vehicles in a way that hinders pedestrian movements100 AED0
Driving vehicle impetuously200 AED0
Driving vehicle in a way that poses danger to the pedestrians200 AED0
Turning to a vehicle from places other than designated areas100 AED0
Turning to a vehicle in a wrong way100 AED0
Passing from the right150 AED0
Passing in a wrong way150 AED0
Light vehicles not abiding by compulsory lane100 AED0
Heavy vehicles not abiding by compulsory lane500 AED0
Loading a light vehicle in a way that causes danger to others on the road100 AED0
Blowing horn in prohibited areas100 AED0
Blowing horn in a noisy way100 AED0
Not having a driving license100 AED0
Not having ownership document100 AED0
Using training vehicles other than the way as determined by the training authority100 AED0
Using learner vehicles at places other than those determined by the license authority100 AED0
Excessive load or protrusion of load in light vehicles other than the permitted load200 AED0
Excessive load or protrusion of load in heavy vehicles other than the permitted load500 AED0
No license plates 200 AED0
Driving with one license plate200 AED0
Driving light vehicle that lack safety and security150 AED0
Driving heavy vehicle that lack safety and security500 AED0
Driving industrial and architectural vehicles as well as bulldozers and mechanical equipment without permission from license authority500 AED0
Non serviceable signal indicators100 AED0
Non serviceable lights100 AED0
No lights at the rear of the trailer or on the sides100 AED0
Non serviceable lights on the rear of the trailer or on the sides100 AED0
Driving a vehicle that causes environmental pollution300 AED0
Driving a vehicle that emits steam exceeding the designated limit300 AED0
Doing changes to the engine of the vehicle without permission400 AED0
Doing changes to the chassis of the vehicle without permission400 AED0
Doing changes to the colour of the vehicle without permission400 AED0
Writing statements on the vehicle offending common decency100 AED0
Putting stickers on the vehicle offending common decency100 AED0
Not cleaning taxi cabs or coaches from inside and outside100 AED0
Driving dangerously2000 AED12
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs024
Driving a vehicle without a number plate1000 AED24
Causing death of a person012
Failing to stop the vehicle after causing injury to the person024
Driving recklessly2000 AED12
Exceeding the limit of 60 Km/hr1000 AED12
Driving in a way to endanger people’s lives1000 AED12
Crossing the red light signal800 AED8
Escaping from the traffic officer800 AED12
Truck drivers overtaking in a dangerous way800 AED24
Causing a vehicle roll over accident08
Exceeding the speed limit by 60 Km/hr900 AED6
Exceeding the speed limit by 50 Km/hr800 AED0
Overtaking from the hard shoulder of the road600 AED6
Moving into the road dangerously600 AED6
Causing a medium injury to the person0 6
Heavy vehicle failed to maintain designated lane600 AED6
Heavy vehicles, trucks, buses move during fog400 AED4
Overtaking in a place where it is prohibited600 AED6
Causing vehicle to sustain serious damage06
Exceeding limit by less than 40 Km/hr700 AED0
Parking in restricted places 1000 AED4
Driving in the opposite direction of the road400 AED4
Allowing children less than the permitted age to sit in the front seat of the vehicle400 AED4
Failing to wear seat belt while driving400 AED4
Failing to maintain gap between the vehicle you are driving and the vehicle at the front400 AED4
Failing to abide by the traffic police instructions400 AED4
Exceeding the limit by less than 20 km/hr500 AED0
Pedestrians crossing the road where there is no crossing facility200 AED0
Exciting taxi cab from the left side of the vehicle100 AED3
No red light at the rear of the vehicle100 AED0
Misuse of the horn100 AED2
Direction indicators not working100 AED2
Failing to put on internal lights  of the buses at the night time100 AED0
Driving without contact lenses or eyeglasses100 AED0
Failing to have vehicle registration during driving100 AED0
Failing to carry driving license while driving100 AED0
Not displaying truck’s load on both sides100 AED0
Calling on passengers in the presence of signs100 AED0
Not wearing uniform assigned to the taxi drivers or not keeping the vehicle in good condition100 AED0
Using hand held mobile phone while driving200 AED4
Smoking inside taxis or buses200 AED0
Taxis and buses being dirty  both inside and outside200 AED0
Driving below the minimum speed limit200 AED0
Using horns in restricted areas200 AED2
Vehicle lights not working200 AED6
Not displaying the list of traffic in public buses and cabs200 AED0
Not following the colors allocated to taxi or driver training vehicles200 AED 0
Using internal lights without reason100 AED0
Displaying no sign while carrying overload200 AED3
Failing to fix taxi sign in the place assigned to 200 AED0
Failing to submit driving license upon request200 AED0
Failing to submit vehicle registration card on request200 AED0
Parking vehicle on the sidewalk200 AED3
Non compliance of light weight vehicle with compulsory road lane200 AED2
Non compliance with specified tariff200 AED6
Unclear numbers on the number plate200 AED3
Abusing parking200 AED3
Driving vehicle without insurance200 AED0
Overtaking in a wrong way200 AED3
Overtaking from the right200 AED4
Using the training vehicle other than the places allowed by licensing authority200 AED0
Using training vehicles other than the timings allowed by the licensing authority200 AED0
Failing to have vehicle inspected after the modification of structure or engine200 AED0
Parking a vehicle in a way to interrupt the traffic flow2003
Failing to give way to the vehicle coming from the left side when required2000
Failing to allow to the vehicle coming from the free passage200 AED0
Failing to use signal near the turning or changing the direction200 AED2
Not displaying stickers on the rear side of the trucks and transport vehicles200 AED0
Displaying different number plates between locomotive,trailer and semi trailer200 AED0
Driving at night or in fog without putting the lights on200 AED4
Driving a vehicle with one number plate200 AED2
Failing to display the number plate at correct place200 AED2
Violating the rules governing the use of commercial number plates200 AED0
Driving a vehicle unlicensed by the license authority200 AED0
Failing to renew the license after the expiry400 AED0
Driving the vehicle with an expired driving license200 AED3
Vehicle tyres being unfit for driving200 AED0
Transporting more passengers than permitted200 AED3
Failing to wear a helmet while driving200 AED4
Using multicolored rotating lights200 AED0
Stopping on main road head shoulder for non emergency cases200 AED0
Unauthorized parking in loading and unloading zones200 AED0
Parking in restricted area200 AED2
Failure to secure hand brake when parked200 AED0
Insecure load3000 AED12
Refusal to transport passengers by a taxi cab200 AED4
Driving wrong in a reverse direction200 AED0
Driving in a taxi cab with expired sponsorship200 AED0
Picking up passengers by a driver training vehicle200 AED4
Driving cab without a license200 AED4
Sudden deviation of the vehicle200 AED4
Transporting passengers in a vehicle which is not designated for the same200 AED4
Stopping a vehicle without taking into account the distance legally required from a junction or a curve200 AED0
Being overloaded or exceeding the limit without permission200 AED3
Loading a light vehicle to in a way to endanger the public200 AED3
Turning the vehicle in a wrong way200 AED4
Turning the vehicle in a place that is nor designated for the purpose200 AED4
Not taking required measures to have the smooth flow of the traffic200 AED0
Displaying stickers on the vehicles without permission200 AED0
Picking up and dropping passengers in an illegal way200 AED4
Not complying with the uploading and off loading of system in the parking200 AED4
A heavy vehicle crossing or accessing restricted areas 200 AED4
Using the vehicle for undesignated purposes200 AED4
Not covering the load in trucks3000 AED0
Not fixing the truck exhaust system upright200 AED0
Driving a vehicle that doesn’t comply with rules and regulations200 AED0
Preventing the flow200 AED0
Entering a restricted area200 AED0
Taxi cab stopping in the restricted area to pick up the passengers200 AED4
Defective lights on the rear and sides200 AED4
No lights on the rear and sides200 AED0
Leaving the vehicle on the road with engine running300 AED0
Driving a vehicle that emits gases, vapors with chemical compounds exceeding limits300 AED0
Towing a boat or any vehicle with another vehicle without appropriate equipment300 AED0
Stopping behind a vehicle preventing its movement300 AED0
Driving a vehicle other than the one that is licensed for300 AED0
Exceeding speed limit by more than 10Km/hr400 AED0
Changing vehicle colors without permission400 AED0
Introducing changes to the engine without permission400 AED0
Driving industrial,commercial vehicles without license500 AED0
Displaying marks or signs on the road causing disturbance to the flow500 AED0
Learning to drive a vehicle that is not designated for driving without permission from licensing authority500 AED0
Stopping the vehicle on pedestrian crossing500 AED0
Stopping vehicles on the left side of the road in restricted areas500 AED0
Failing to provide name and address to the policemen500 AED0
Throwing litter from the vehicle on the road500 AED4
Failing to abide by the traffic rules and regulations500 AED0
Failing to give priority to pedestrians in the passage they are allowed to pass500 AED6
Stopping in the yellow box junction500 AED0
Stopping in the middle of the road without any reason500 AED4
Driving the vehicle causing environmental pollution500 AED0
Heavy vehicle loaded with loads exceeding permissible limit500 AED6
Loading vehicles with loads in a way to endanger the public500 AED6
Allowing others to drive a non licensed vehicle500 AED0
Driving a noisy vehicle500 AED0
Failing to stop after causing an accident500 AED6
Driving a vehicle that doesn’t comply with the rules and regulations of safety500 AED0
Failing to give way to emergency vehicles500 AED4
Tinting windows exceeding permissible limit500 AED0
Entering motorway without making sure if its safe400 AED4

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Checking Sharjah Fines

You can usually get details of your traffic fines by

  • Inquiry about TC ( Trade Certificate number)
  • Inquiry by Plate data
  • Inquiry by license information

To check Sharjah fines, you need to have Federal TC number for driving license. So, to get a Federal TC number, you need to

  • Attend the traffic department of Sharjah with your valid passport copy, Visa and valid driving license.
  • Check the entered information

After following the above steps, the TC number is found on the vehicle registration card.

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To have a smooth flow of traffic, Sharjah Police also introduced speed cameras on the roads to catch the traffic rule violations. So, it’s always advised to have the foresight and follow the rules to be fine free in this emirate.

Disclaimer: The information provided by MyMoneySouq is for informative purposes only. MyMoneySouq strives to keep the facts and figures updated. However, it is recommended to visit the official website of RTA Sharjah or RTA UAE for updated information.

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