Dubai parking timings

Dubai is one of the largest commercial hubs in the world and with all the well organized living over there, parking rules and regulations are also strict and disciplined.

Earlier, the parking zones in Dubai were divided into 4 zones as B, A, F, E. However, according to the current situation, the parking zones are divided into only three categories i.e., special areas, non-commercial areas, and commercial areas. 

As per RTA Dubai (27 December 2021), Public parking in Dubai will be free on Fridays and public holidays. There will be parking charges levied on Saturday and Sunday.

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UAE 50th National Day – Free Parking in Dubai

From December 1, 2021, to December 3, 2021, public parking is free in Dubai. Multi-level parking is not included in this. From December 4, 2021, the public parking fees will be levied.

Expo 2020 Dubai Parking

The parking at Expo 2020 Dubai is Free. The parking spots are open from 8.30 AM to 1.30 AM on weekdays and 8.30 AM to 12.30 AM on weekends. Valet parking os provided at Expo 2020 Dubai location for AED 95 but on first come first serve basis.

The designated parking lots for Expo 2020 Dubai are,

  • Opportunity parking zone (from the E77 Expo Road)
  • Sustainability parking zone (from the E77 Expo Road or D54 Zayed Bin Hamdan al Nahyan street)
  • Mobility parking zone (from the E311 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road)
  • Dubai Exhibition Centre parking zone (from the E311 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road)

Global Village Parking (2021-2022)

As there is no Metro to Global Village, visitors can visit by Car or Taxi or by Bus. There are 3 different parking spots for the visitors who visit by Car.

  • General Parking – Area P1 – P12 on no charges
  • VIP Parking – Area 1 & 2. AED 200 is charged per day on weekdays and weekends.
  • Premium Parking – AED 100 per day is charged

Also, rickshaw services are provided from the parking spot to the entry gate. AED 5 is charged per person.

Regular Parking timings

                   Zone                  Timings
                  Zone A               8 am-10 pm
                  Zone B               8 am-10 pm
                  Zone C               8 am-10 pm
                  Zone D               8 am-10 pm
                  Zone E               8 am-11 pm
                  Zone F               8 am- 6 pm
                  Zone G               8 am- 10 pm

Roadside parking spaces in the commercial areas comes under Zone A and the charges for parking in this zone can be Dh 4/ hour, Dh 8/ 2 hours, Dh 12/ 3 hours.

All the commercial spaces parking lots are considered as Zone B and the charges might include Dh 3/ hour, Dh 6/ 2 hours, Dh 8/ 3 hours, Dh 12/ 4 hours, Dh 15/ 5 hours and Dh 20 for 24 hours.

Parking roadside in non-commercial area is under Zone C where the charges might be Dh 2/ hour, Dh 5/ 2 hours, Dh 8/ 3 hours, Dh 11/ 4 hours.

Non-commercial area parking lots are put under Zone D and charges of this zone include Dh 2/ hour, Dh 5/ 2 hours, Dh 8/ 3 hours, Dh 10/ 24 hours.

Parking in special areas

Zone E is earlier allotted to Deira fish market but now as the location of Deira fish market which is now called as Water Front market. This zone includes underground parking which is free and public parking which is payable.

Parking in Tecom areas comes under Zone F and the parking charges might include Dh 2 per hour, Dh 5 per two hours, Dh 8 per three hours, Dh 11 per four hours.

Parking areas in Down Town Dubai that are payable are under Zone G.

Dubai parking timings during Ramadan

Parking timings are adjusted in Dubai during the month of Ramadan by Roads and Transport Authorities(RTA).

Parking will be free during the month of Iftar. The parking zones that are payable would be available from 8 am to 6 pm and 8 pm to 12 am during Ramadan.

Parking plays a prominent role in Dubai and parking with appropriate timings is what makes it organized in every which way.

Ways to pay parking fees in Dubai


Similar to SMS, customers can pay parking fees through WhatsApp. They just have to WhatsApp the same message they have been sending to 7275. Paying parking fees through WhatsApp in Dubai will save the telecom SMS charges.

Nol cards

Nol cards are used for various purposes in Dubai like to pay the fare for metro, to pay parking fees, etc., All you have to do is to buy your parking ticket using the Nol card and the money will be deducted from the card.

Prepaid card

Prepaid cards can be found at the supermarkets, grocery stores, etc., with denominations of Dh 30 and Dh 100. The charges will be automatically taken from the prepaid card as soon as it is inserted in the related slot of the parking machine.


Send an SMS in the format of

Number plate (space) Area code (space) Number of hours to 7275. Through this you can also get alerted hourly and renew the parking ticket. SMS charges of 30 fils are levied.  

Smart parking

Smart Parking is a free parking application you can avail which doesn’t charge you for any transaction you carry out using it.


Parking fares can be paid by paying it in the form of coins at the nearest parking machine.

Seasonal parking cards

You can get seasonal parking cards at different values with different periods of validity. Seasonal parking cards can be found in A, B, T categories with a validity of three, six and nine-month validity.

Parking fines in Dubai

  • Not paying the parking ticket will cost you Dh 150.
  • AED 100 is charged on exceeding the parking time
  • AED 1000 is charged on parking without a parking plate
  • AED 200 is charged for using forbidden parking
  • Usage of unauthorized parking spaces will be fined Dh 1000.

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Parking in Dubai is an embodiment of order and rules. People who follow them and have a systematic way of parking can avoid parking fines.

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