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Car Insurance companies in Dubai

Car insurance is an absolute must in Dubai. Different car insurance policies can be selected depending upon your need and necessity. Here are the few car insurance companies in Dubai that hold a prominent place in the city.  

1. Oman Car Insurance

Oman Car insurance was established in 1975 with its headquarters in Dubai. It has 15 branches including head office operational branch and has a strong presence in UAE, Oman, and Qatar. It is one of the well-known Car Insurance companies in Dubai.

Oman car insurance is one of the most professionally managed companies in Dubai.

Oman provides two types of Car insurance

  • Third party liability and loss of damage or comprehensive motor insurance plan
  • Personal accident benefit cover

2. RSA Insurance

RSA is one of the leading multinational insurance groups with 14,000 employees, 17 million customers across 100 countries.

Established in 1956, RSA insurance has enabled UAE operations leading internationally.

Car Insurance

  • RSA offers 50% no claim amount online
  • Accident and recovery breakdown service
  • 10% online discount
  • A free courtesy car with executive plus cover

3. AXA Gulf Insurance

AXA Gulf Insurance is one of the largest insurers in the world empowering people to live a better life and also one of the best Car Insurance companies in Dubai.

With its presence for more than 65 years, AXA Gulf offers a wide range of insurance products and services to SME, Corporate and individual customers.

Car Insurance 

The services provided by AXA Gulf protects you and your car in case of car loss or damage compensation.

Third-party insurance provided by them protects you against third party personal injuries.

Other additional services like

  • Off-road coverage
  • 24/7 road assistance
  • RTA inspection and registration are done by AXA on behalf of customers.

4. Dubai Insurance

Dubai Insurance was the first local insurance formed in 1970. Completing 48 years of establishment, Dubai Insurance offers a variety of services necessary for all traditional and non-traditional needs.

In 2018, Dubai Insurance has reached a gross of 500 million.

Dubai Insurance provides Car insurance for privately owned vehicles in Dubai and all over Emirates

Car Insurance

The car insurance provided by Dubai Insurance includes

  • Coverage of car insurance policy to protect privately owned vehicles against any damage by accident
  • Policyholder coverage for legal expenses against the third party for injury also comes under Dubai Car Insurance

Insurance coverage can be provided in the following cases

  • Accidental collision
  • External explosion
  • Malicious acts
  • Damage or loss during transport
  • Theft etc.,

Coverage for third party risks includes

  • Death or bodily injury
  • Damages for materials and property etc.,

5. Noor Takaful

Noor Takaful is a public joint stock company established in 2009 that provides a wide range of insurance services including car insurance services.

Car Insurance

Noor Takaful in terms of car insurance

  • Third party property damage
  • Third party bodily injury
  • Emergency medical charges
  • 24*7 roadside assistance
  • Loss or damage of personal belongings
  • Off-road insurance cover
  • Personal accident cover for driver and passengers
  • Hire car facility if your car gets damaged in an accident

6. I insured

I insured is one of the leading car insurance companies in Dubai, UAE. Established in 1964, I insured has been providing smooth and friendly services to the customers.

Car Insurance

As a part of their services, I insurance also provides Car Insurance and various car insurance services by I insured include

  • Death of a third party
  • Bodily injuries of the third party
  • Theft
  • Valet parking theft
  • Off-road assistance
  • Windscreen cover
  • Medical cover
  • Personal accident benefit to driver and passengers etc.,

7. Al Buhaira Insurance

Al Buhaira Insurance is a leading insurance company established in 1978 in the UAE. It’s a public joint stock company having assets of AED 1.8 billion and a capital of 250 million.

With 9 branches across UAE, Al Buhaira offers products that fit the requirements of the customers.

The main purpose of Al Buhaira is to provide and deliver products that suit customers requests and requirements.

Car Insurance

Al Buhaira provides well protected and promoted services that may include

  • Personal Accident Benefit
  • Third party property
  • Roadside assistance
  • Emergency medical help and support
  • Windscreen damage without excess
  • Valet parking theft
  • Car replacement
  • Geographical extension

8. Oriental Insurance

Oriental Insurance company is a public sector general insurance company with its headquarters in New Delhi, India

Established in 12th September 1947, Oriental Insurance has branches in Nepal, Kuwait, and Dubai.

Car Insurance

Insurance services provided by Oriental Insurance

  • Accidental loss or damage to the vehicle
  • Third party liability
  • Fire, explosion, threat
  • Earthquake, flood, storm

Services that are not covered by Oriental Insurance

  • Damage by a person who drives without having a driving license
  • Damage caused by the person under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • When the tires or tubes of the car gets damaged unless the damage is caused by a liability maximum of 50% of the value

9. Salama

Established in 1979, Salama provides trustworthy Shari’a compliant Takaful services across the world.

Salama provides services in UAE,Saudi Arabia,  Egypt, Senegal etc.,

Car Insurance

Online car insurance services

  • 10% online discount
  • No claim discount
  • Policy issuance within minutes
  • A grade car services for all cars

Benefits of car insurance

  • Free fuel delivery
  • Free Battery boost service
  • Free off road assistance
  • Free flat tire service

10. Dar Al Takaful

Dar Al Takaful was established in 2008 providing Shari’a compliant solutions according to the insurance needs of the clients

With its professional and principled approach, Dar Takaful implements decisions in a well-organized way that matches the needs and requirements of the clients

Car Insurance

Different products are provided by Dar Al Takaful under car insurance services like Mumtaz, Khaas, Almas.

Policy benefits of Dar Al Takaful usually include

  • Accident cover to both drivers and passengers
  • If there happens an accident to the car, car hiring service is provided
  • Emergency medical services are provided to the body injuries happened during the accident.
  • Roadside assistance
  • If any personal belongings get spoiled or damaged, then compensation is provided according to the prescribed limits set

11. Al Sagr National Insurance

Al Sagr is one of the leading car insurance companies in Dubai. It was established on December 25th, 1979 as a Public Shareholding company.

Al Sagr has its own mark in different places of UAE

Car Insurance

Car insurance services provided by Al Sagr National Insurance might include

  • Comprehensive cover such as loss, damage to the vehicle and to the third party.
  • Third party liability that might include death and bodily injury to any third party

12. New India Insurance

Started its operations in India, New India is a Multinational General Insurance Company with its operations in 23 different countries whereas, in Dubai, New India has its operations since 1961 with the banner Rias Hars An Saudi group. This is also considered popular Car Insurance companies in Dubai.

Car insurance

New India car insurance covers both own damages as well as third-party damage and on paying extra payments, additional insurance covers can also be benefited for passengers, employees as well as drivers.  

New India car insurance covers private cars, scooters, motorcycles etc.,

The liability only plan of New India includes

  • Third party property damage
  • Third party liability or bodily injury or death
  • Damage of a vehicle caused due to natural calamities

13. Emirates Insurance

Emirates Insurance was established by the virtue of law No.6 of 1982. Emirates insurance now has 30 offices across the country with over 250 employees.

Emirates insurance has been listed as one of the best insurance companies in the whole GCC region.

Car insurance

Variety of car insurance services are provided by Emirates Insurance that includes

  • Cover against damage to the insured vehicle
  • Cover against injury to the third party
  • Third party liabilities that include cover against accidental damage of the insured vehicle
  • Liability towards property damage

The additional benefits under insurance cover may include

  • Hire Car benefits
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Road assistance
  • Loss of personal belongings etc.,

14. Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance

With the guidelines of Federal Law of 2007, Dubai National Insurance has been operating in UAE as a Public Shareholding company

It is established in 1991 and was one of the first insurance companies to get a place in Dubai Financial Market

Car Insurance

Having ties with leading agencies and garages, Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance provides hassle-free insurance claims.

The  car insurance policies provided by DNI helps you during your financial loss against your vehicle or if you are having a bodily injury

You can also avail benefits like

  • Medical expenses
  • Ambulance cover
  • Off-road cover
  • Third party liability
  • Personal benefits to driver and passenger
  • Agency repair etc.,

15. Watania

Watania is one of the Car Insurance companies in Dubai which was established in 2011 by Abu Dhabi Islamic Force with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi

With its aim to center their world around the customers by providing them services with ease, Watania operates by implementing Wakle model in offering general and health products

Car Insurance

Taking into consideration the damages that might happen during unexpected accidents, Watania provides a variety of car insurance services that might include

  • Complete coverage against accidental damage to the car
  • Third party liability
  • Compensation against accidental damage of your own vehicle as mentioned in the policy document
  • Premium Garage cover encompasses any repair to the accidental loss or damage to your car where the repairs take place at Watania nominated Garage.

Additional insurance covers include

  • Roadside assistance
  • International driving license at discounted rates etc.,

16. Union Insurance

Listed in Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, Union Insurance is licensed by UAE insurance with its corporate office in Dubai in 1988

Union Insurance provides standard and customized policies that help people in having cost-effective insurance cover

Car Insurance

Union Insurance provides a variety of insurance covers like

  • Effective service to the car under superior agency repairs coverage
  • Car replacement at discounted rates
  • Coverage of loss of involuntary loss of employment
  • Instant discount on motor insurance renewals
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Coverage for driver and co-passengers up to AED 1 million
  • Hassle free responsive roadside recovery etc.,

17. Al Wathba National Insurance

Al Wathba National Insurance was founded in 1996 with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. It offers insurance services to individuals, family, corporate clients in life etc.,

Car Insurance

Al Wathba provides the widest form of car insurance to protect your car which includes

  • Loss due to an accident of the vehicle
  • Fire or theft of the vehicle including liability for personal injury or property damage to third parties arising from the use of your vehicle
  • Third party liability

18. National General Insurance

National General Insurance was founded in 1920 with its headquarters in North Carolina. It is the only company to originate from the automobile industry in the United States

With 8000 employees currently, National General Insurance provides diversified insurance services to the customers

Car insurance

With its experience of insuring cars for over 70 years, various insurance covers are provided by General Insurance like

  • Collision repairs at Gold Medal repair shops
  • Providing rental cars on the damage of your car
  • Amicable customer care services
  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Medical payments
  • Personal injury protection
  • Smart valet where your damaged car will be picked up providing you with a rental car etc.,

19.Tokio Marine

Tokio Marine is a multinational insurance company established in 1879 with its headquarters in Tokyo.

Its oldest insurance company with 36,000 employees in 33 countries

Car Insurance

The car insurance covers provided by Tokio Marine may include

  • Vehicle repairs at premium panel garages
  • Comprehensive coverage at a budget-friendly price
  • Third party property damage
  • Add on covers like a personal accident, rent-a-car, roadside assistance etc.,

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As having car insurance a must in UAE, you can go through the above-stated Car Insurance companies in Dubai to get your car insured with optimized services and added benefits.

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