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Dubai duty free – Tips to save money on shopping

Dubai duty-free is no lesser to a tourist destination in the UAE. More than half of the people entering the Dubai international airport would pay a visit to the store. The duty-free store is into the market for more than 3 decades now. Not only in terms of size but also in terms of revenue the biggest retail store is located in Dubai international airport.

Dubai duty-free works with a mission of providing first-class services to its customers by providing a wide range of products and services and make each penny worth spending. Having more than 100+ brands available in the store, they provide various products like perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, liquor, watches, clocks, travel bags & accessories, confectionary, food, electronics, etc.

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Dubai duty free retail store is available at

  • Dubai international airport
  • Al Maktoum international airport

Other than the airport, Emirates airlines travelers can purchase duty-free goods at the flight as well.


Apart from the various brands and products available, there are seasonal offers and special discounts provided at the store. In addition to the tax-free prices, these offers would add more discount. Dubai duty-free started its operations on December 20, 1983. Since that day, every year they celebrate the anniversary by providing various discounts to the customers. Currently, in 2018 there is 25% off provided at the duty-free store which runs for 3 days i.e., 18th December – 20th December.

How purchases made at Dubai duty-free is beneficial?

As the name itself is explanatory, the duty-free store provides products by exempting local or national taxes. Not having excess taxes on the products will reduce the prices by at least 10% and if any additional discounts are provided at the store then definitely it would be an added bonus for customers at Dubai tax-free.

Ways to purchase at Dubai duty-free store

There are two retail outlets available in Dubai, one in Dubai International airport and the other one in Al Maktoum international airport.

Other than the offline shopping, Dubai tax free is available online as well. Travelers can pre-order products and pick it up at their respective collection points in the airport.

Raffle contests

Dubai duty-free offers different raffle contests that take place twice a month. It has luxurious cars and bikes and, “a million dollars” tickets available. Contestants can purchase the ticket worth AED 500-AED 1000 and win the lucky draw.

Products that are available for cheaper prices

  • Different types of dates
  • Dry fruits
  • Chocolates
  • Perfumes
  • Liquor
  • Cigarettes
  • Watches
  • Gold jewelry

Tips to save money on shopping at Dubai duty-free

Shopping at duty-free stores are really worth it. But most of them buy things which can be no use to them. Like, if a non-smoker gets a pack of cigarettes for less price it is clearly foolish. So while purchasing at the duty-free you must check and make a good deal out of the offers. Here are some tips to save money on shopping at Dubai tax free:

  • Check the cost of the product at your region– Not all the products at the duty-free store would be available for a cheaper price. So check the price of the product at your region and purchase.
  • Look for saver packs– Dubai duty free store might have saver packs of confectionery, perfumes, etc. i.e., buy 2 – get 1 free pack. So a little extra money put on this kind of products wouldn’t harm.  
  • Check the limit– Alcohol and cigarettes are very cheap at the duty-free stores. But before purchasing check the limit of these substances you can carry. The exact limit of alcohol is different for each destination airport which varies from 2lts-5lts.
  • Get rid of local currency– Apart from saving money, if you have local currency left then you can get rid of it at the store as Dubai duty free outlet accepts multiple currencies.
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  • Combo packs– As already said if you are buying souvenirs, then buy in bulk where you can save money.  
  • Compare prices– If your arrival airport has a duty free store then compare prices and purchase.
  • Trying avoiding other stores– Don’t purchase at any other store in the airport when there is a duty-free outlet available.
  • Can consider duty-free store for souvenirs– Instead of buying gifts in Dubai city, try purchasing at the duty-free store in the airport.
  • Traveling at the time of events- If you are traveling during any occasions then you would get the products for lower price comparatively. 

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These tips might help you in shopping wisely when you visit a duty-free store next time. Finally, don’t forget to get the customs declaration form at the Dubai duty-free store and enter the details of your purchases made at the store.

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