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How to cancel Ejari?

Ejari is a mandatory element when it comes to rental agreement in Dubai. All the landlords and tenants should register their rental agreements through Ejari to regulate their rental contract online. Ejari plays a prominent role in protecting and preserving the rights of both the landlord and the tenant. In order to cancel a registered Ejari contract, certain documents are to be submitted and certain steps are to be followed as mentioned below

Cancellation of Ejari

Ejari cancellation is a must and should procedure once the tenant plans to leave the property. As per RERA rules and regulations, each property should have only one Ejari contract and if the Ejari contract of the old property is not canceled, the tenant cannot get registered with Ejari again.

In order to cancel Ejari, you need to submit a set of documents and follow a particular process

Documents required

Emirates ID of the applicant

The person who is going to apply for the cancellation should provide and upload the Emirates ID.

Tenant’s passport

Valid passport of the tenant should be submitted and if the tenant is a company or an organization, then Emirates ID and Trade License of the owner or manager should also be provided.

NOC (No Objection Certificate)

NOC is a self-written document by the landlord that usually consists of

  • Name of the landlord or if the landlord is a company or an organization then the name of the organization.
  • All the details of the property such as plot number, DEWA premise number, building name.
  • Details of the tenant like name, nationality, and passport.
  • A statement or a declaration that the tenant is going to vacate the property and a request to cancel the Ejari contract.
  • Landlord’s signature needs to be entered at the end of the document and the signature should match to that of his signature in his passport.
  • In case if the landlord is a company or an organization, company’s seal should be provided at the end of the document along with the signature of the owner or manager of the company.

DEWA bill

During the cancellation of the Ejari contract, the last or the final DEWA bill that was given to the tenant has to be submitted and the balance should be shown as all the outstanding charges should be cleared before cancellation of Ejari.

Submission of the final DEWA bill is one of the important steps in the cancellation of Ejari as the cancellation request will be terminated without the full payment of DEWA bills.

You can submit the hardcopy of the bill provided by DEWA. (If this is the case, make sure that the document is stamped with the “Final Bill” stamp and “Paid” stamp on the front side.

The soft copy of the bill called “Green Bill” that can be downloaded at the DEWA website.

You can proceed with the cancellation of Ejari even without the final DEWA bill by submitting the DEWA bill of a person living currently in the premises of the property, or any other document provided by DEWA requesting the set up of a new DEWA account that follows the contract termination date.

Emirates ID of the landlord

Emirates ID of the landlord has to be submitted and the name mentioned on the Emirates ID of the landlord should match to that of his passport.

Process of cancellation

  • To proceed with the process of cancellation, you have to fill in the forms that appear online. You should upload the documents and fill in your details in accordance with RERA.
  • First, the applicant needs to fill in his details like Name, Email ID, Phone number along with uploading the required documents like Emirates ID, Undertaking statement.
  • Secondly, the documents of the tenant have to be filled such as passport or Trade license.
  • If the tenant is a company or an organization, then the Ejari cancellation should be done offline by visiting Ejari office.
  • Now comes the Ejari certificate. A copy of Ejari certificate has to be uploaded and if you cannot upload Ejari certificate, you can also go with uploading the tenancy contract.
  • Some of the mandatory and additional documents should be attached after uploading the Ejari certificate.
  • Once the form gets filled and the request to cancel Ejari has been submitted, Ejari Termination ID will be sent to your Email ID and this Ejari Termination ID can be used as a reference ID at any Ejari office for further follow-ups.
  • Once, the Ejari Termination ID is issued, RERA confirms the final Ejari cancellation and sends an SMS and Email to the applicant letting him know that the Ejari has been terminated.
  • The fees for the entire Ejari cancellation process online is AED 220 along with the typing charges, government fee, and the innovation charges. Every application is provided with a cash back guarantee assuring you with the full money refund if the Ejari termination ID is not provided within a week.  

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Additional documents that are to be attached

Some additional documents are to be provided in special case scenarios of cancellation as explained below

Title Deeds

Title Deeds are to be provided if the property was sold during the tenancy term and the buyer took over the tenancy contract as proof of change of ownership.

Emirates ID or passport of the new owner

Emirates ID of the new owner of the property should be provided and if the owner is not a resident of the UAE, then a valid passport copy of the new owner should be provided.

Power Of Attorney (POA)

If the tenancy agreement is signed by someone other than the landlord or the property owner who acts as a representative of the landlord, then Power of Attorney should be provided giving rights to the representative to sign the document on behalf of the landlord.
Power of Attorney usually include the following rights to a representative given by the landlord

  • Right to lease, rent, vacate and receive the lease amounts either through cash or through checks.
  • Receive the deposits, sign leases and carry out all the procedures to authenticate the leases.
  • To represent the landlord in any legal dispute related to the property etc.,

Emirates ID of the representative

Emirates ID of the representative should also be provided following the laws of RERA. If the Emirates ID of the representative is not available, the UAE Visa or passport can also be provided as a part of the documentation.

Ejari cancellation is as important as the registration because of the fact that the new tenancy contract cannot be registered without the termination of old Ejari contract.

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