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How to claim Car Insurance in UAE?

Claiming for a car insurance in UAE can be stressful if you don’t follow the procedure rightly. You cannot claim for the coverage easily without proper evidence. So you must follow certain steps before making a claim.

Steps to follow to claim for car insurance in UAE

#1 Alert the police

If you are involved in a wreck or accident, the first thing that you need to do is contact the police. They will examine the incident, vehicles and the drivers involved in the wreck. According to the rules they give the drivers a green or red card and get the contact details. Only after the police report is generated the insurance provider will process your claim request.

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#2 Contact your insurer

Once the police inspection is over, contact your insurance provider and give your details like policy number/id, name and other information as per the request. Explain them the incident and request for the coverage. Your insurance provider will guide you from there on. They would request you for certain documents like a police report, pictures of the accident(if any), your driving license, etc. In the case of a breakdown, you can contact the insurance provider without contacting the police. And the roadside assistance can be availed only if your car insurance policy has such benefits.

#3 Capture the incident

If you are not injured badly in the accident, then it is recommended to click some pictures of your vehicle. Some of the insurance providers ask for the picture evidence while processing your claim. So check if you can photograph the wreck for evidence.

#4 Check your policy

Once the claim has been made, go through your insurance policy and check what all you can get covered for. Even though you must be aware of the coverage details while buying the policy, it is good to read the policy again so that your insurance provider doesn’t trick you into something and provide less coverage or reject the claim itself.

List of documents required to claim a car insurance in UAE:

  • Police report
  • Driving license
  • Vehicle details like registration documents, etc
  • Pictures of the incident(if any)

When to claim for the coverage?

Claiming for the car insurance coverage depends on the policy you hold. You can claim if your vehicle is damaged or you are seriously injured or you’ve damaged a third party vehicle/person.

  • If you hold a comprehensive policy then you can make use of it if your car is damaged.
  • If you hold a third party policy then you can claim if there is any damage to third party vehicle or person
  • If you hold a comprehensive cover with personal accident benefits, then you can claim for coverage if you are injured in a wreck  

So it is advised to understand your car insurance policy when buying it or it will end you up in disappointment while claiming for the coverage.

Important points to be noted while claiming for car insurance in UAE:

  • Even though you don’t want to claim it is better to inform your insurance provider about the incident
  • Understand when you can claim for the coverage
  • Read your insurance policy carefully
  • Don’t accept the coverage provided. You can negotiate with them
  • Don’t involve yourself in an argument with other driver involved in the wreck. Let the police come
  • Don’t sign the insurance documents without reading/understanding it
  • Contact the insurance provider without any delays. The more you delay the more are the chances for your claim to get tough.

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