Nol Card

Nol card is an electronic ticket that has been introduced in Dubai for the public transport commute. You can use Nol card to travel by all modes of public transport in Dubai like metros, buses, trams etc., Nol card can also be used to pay for parking in Dubai. Different types of Nol cards are available like

  • Silver Nol card
  • Blue Nol card
  • Red Nol card
  • Gold Nol card

The number of daily transactions of Nol card in recent times is 1.5 million transactions that encompass entry and exit transactions, payment of parking fees, card recharge etc.,

nol Card Balance Check

Nol card balance check can be done by using various methods as explained below

1) Nol card balance check using RTA(Road Transport Authority) website

You can check your Nol card balance

  • By going through RTA Website
  • Clicking on the “Check NOL Balance” on the homepage
  • Enter your Nol tag number and click on Search to view your current Nol balance.

2) Checking the Nol balance at ticket vending machines

The balance of a Nol card can be checked at the Dubai metro stations

  • You can just visit the metro stations nearby, go to the Nol card machine
  • Place your Nol card front side up.
  • The machine will read your Nol card automatically and display the balance you have on your card. You can find ticket vending machines at most of the bus stops across Dubai.

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3) Nol card balance check using NFC technology

Android devices have the facility called “Near Field Connectivity” that helps the users to read the Nol cards and to update the Nol cards using their smartphone. By the installation of “Public transport” app, you can access the services of Nol card and check the balance of your Nol card on public transport like Dubai metro, local buses, Dubai tram etc.,

In order to check the balance using NFC, you should go to the

  • Settings of your mobile phone.
  • More connection settings.
  • And then select NFC payment option, activate it.
  • Scan the QR code and add “Public transport” app.
  • Now we should go to the public transport application where the Nol balance of various public transport is displayed.

4) RTA mobile application

RTA has its own mobile application and you can check the Nol card balance using this mobile application by following the below-mentioned steps

  • Install the RTA mobile application.
  • Go to the dashboard of the application.
  • Select the “Public Transport” category.
  • Choose the “Check your Nol balance”.
  • Enter the Nol tag number you have.
  • And click on the view balance to view the current balance you have got.

5) Using NCBC( Nol Card Balance Checker)mobile application

You can have the NCBC mobile application in all the android devices

Install the NCBC application through the google play store and enter your Nol tag ID to get to know about your current balance on your Nol card.

6) Through Authorized agents

Nol card balance can be checked and recharged by approaching authorized agents in Dubai like Emirates NBD, Redha Al Ansari, Spinneys, Geant, Carrefour, and RTA.

These are the authorized agents of RTA and they provide a variety of services like cards that help you get into the metro or any public transport instead of Nol card, Top up of Nol card.

7) Through Customer Service Centers

Customer service centers are available 24/7 and you can get information regarding your Nol card with the help of them.

You can contact the customer service centers by dialing 8009090.

8) Through Ticket Offices

You can find ticket offices at all the metro stations and at a few bus stations. You can approach a ticket office for getting a new Nol card, recharge of your Nol card and also to check the balance of your Nol card.

Ticket offices can be found at all the metro stations and at some of the bus stations across Dubai.

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Payment using Nol card

Nol cards are provided with an e-purse that allows you to pay as you check in to the mate and the amount from your e-purse will be deducted whenever you travel, according to your destination ticket fare.

Recharging of Nol cards depends upon the type of Nol card you select and the distance travelled by you.

It is always wise to check the Nol balance or credit before you start your journey as it helps you to have a clear idea about the credits you have and the journey that you are going to make ie., the amount that your destination demands, the amount that gets deducted for each destination you choose etc.,

Minimum balance and credit limit of Nol cards

The minimum balance on the Nol cards is AED 7.5 and the maximum credit of the Silver card is AED 1000 whereas the maximum credit of personalized Blue Nol and personalized Gold cards is AED 5000.

This is applied to all modes of transport in Dubai.

Important things to know for checking your balance of a Nol card

While checking the balance or recharging the Nol card you should take note that the card is not bent or damaged as the damaged card can’t be read on the card reader.

Tag ID

Tag ID is nothing but the number that is displayed at the back of your Nol card which is very essential while checking the balance be it using mobile applications or online through RTA website or Nol e-services.

Nol cards allow you to have ease of commute throughout Dubai. People who are under the age of 5 years are not required to have a Nol card. You can even get discounts on Nol cards when it comes to the festival season like Ramadan, RTA also offers free fares during the festive season.

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