Saving money

Saving money is essential especially when it comes to daily activities where we spend lavishly and ignore the little expenses that cost so much later. UAE, being a luxurious place definitely demands saving money as a part of the routine to live in a comfortable way.

Here are the few ways by which you can save money in UAE that might help you

The rents you pay

House Rent stands in the top list when it comes to expenses in UAE. In order to cope with the high housing rents, it’s good to go with staying in a developing area or suburbs which saves you a lot of money.

Use public transport

With the increasing petrol rates, it gets difficult to go by car or some other vehicle of our own in the city. The best option is to choose public transport or metros to travel most of the times or at least three times a week as they are cheap and affordable. Another tip is to share the vehicle with your neighbor if you work for the same organization.

Home food

Nothing tastes like home food. In the UAE, costs in the restaurants are expensive and you got to spend so much including the commute. So, to avoid that, prepare food at home as much as possible.

Daily savings

Daily goals always keep us alert and active. Same applies when it comes to saving money. Save a small amount per day rather than planning to think to save bulk amount for a year.

Piggy bank always comes to rescue when it comes to daily savings in a way so that you can meet your daily expenses.

Track your expenses

It is always the best and safest thing to have an idea of the amount you are spending.You can track your expenses by collecting all the receipts of the items you buy for the month, thus making it easy for you to know the amount spent and also the excess money used sometimes


Electricity bills are usually high in UAE mainly during the summer season as the ACs will be on for the whole day. The best way to keep a check on this is to set your AC at 24 degrees which helps you in saving the electricity. Also washing the clothes at 30-40 degrees helps you in saving the current.

You can also save electricity by switching off the electrical appliances when they are not needed.

Phone bills and water

Phone bills can be reduced by making phone calls through Skype and other calling apps that are available these days to make calls both nationally and internationally.

And when it comes to water, aerators is the best way to save water by fixing them to the water taps


No matter what you are shopping and at which place in the UAE you are shopping, it’s advisable to maintain a shopping list with all the items you are going to buy. This is very useful in purchasing the items within your list and also in buying things within your budget without any extra expenses.

You can also reduce excessive spending while shopping things by carrying a small trolley or right trolley that fits your shopping list.

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Exercise has its own significance in everyone’s life. To make exercise easier going it’s good to do it at home in the form of yoga, walking or jogging instead of going to a gym as the gym costs in UAE are high and are not affordable to all people who live there.


It’s better to go for basic beverages like tea and coffee than to have carbonated beverages and fancy drinks as they usually come at a greater price.


Groceries play a vital part in day to day life of anyone. So, in order to have an economical living in UAE, compare the rates and offers and buy from the grocery store that provides great deals and offers. Nowadays mobile apps are available for online shopping that comes to aid for the people in the UAE to compare the rates.


Before banking always compare the fees, benefits and the offers the banks offer. When it comes to savings, it’s always good to go for credit cards in UAE  with a minimum salary requirement. You can also rely on various mobile applications to save your money.

So, as UAE resident you should always consider the fact that saving money on the little expenses by following the above-mentioned ways can help you a great deal