Dubai residents are being put into a position where an ultimatum has to be made. Visa holders that do not have health insurance coverage before December 31 will not be able to renew their visas. Residents who opt not to secure health insurance coverage before the year ends could end up being fined up to Dh 10,000.

Visa holders will experience the most significant penalties for not renewing their insurance plans. The Dubai Health Authority announced in November that people who do not get insurance cannot get their visas renewed. No new visas can be given to those who do not have health insurance at the time of an application for such a visa.

This is especially concerning as the Khaleej Times reports that close to 70 percent of people in a recent survey about the topic are not yet insured. This means there is a potential for many fines to be issued.

Key Fines

A person can be fined Dh500 per month for not complying with Dubai’s mandatory insurance law. Any activities that result in a person failing to get a policy updated while resulting in visa delays can be fined up to Dh10,000. Such fines are being issued in accordance with the Dubai Law No. 11 of 2013, a law also known as the Dubai Health Insurance Law.

What Are the Premiums?

The premiums associated with the insurance plans available to people in Dubai are as follows. These are varied based on factors like a person’s age, work status and gender:


Individual Person Qualifiers Premium Per Year in Dh
Domestic workers Salaries below Dh4,000 Dh650
Unemployed dependents Up to 65 years of age Dh 650
Unemployed females Married and from the ages of 18 to 45 Dh1,600 to 1,750
Dependent parents 65 years of age or greater Dh2,500

Premiums may also vary based on the insurer one gets in touch with and the amount of coverage used in a certain package. These totals have to be reviewed for each person. While these premiums are typically more expensive than monthly fines for not getting services, it might be easier for a person to handle visa functions when insurance is taken in.

Packages Are Available

Many different packages are available for people who need insurance. These include many packages that work in a variety of ways:

1. Various insurance companies offer support. There are nine companies participating in the Essential Benefits Plan that is offered as a basic insurance option for Dubai residents.

2. Added insurance may be offered depending on the type of policy one acquires. This might include added costs for dental, or vision coverage as those are not included in the initial part.

3. Treatment for chronic conditions is not included in the first six months of the policy.

4. Emergency and Ambulatory services, tests and exams and preventative services are covered. These include vaccinations among other treatments.

The key is for all people to be covered properly and to ensure that they receive the support they demand. Those who receive proper coverage will have an easier time with staying healthy. It is especially important for people to have support as a means of being properly covered.

All people in Dubai will have to ensure they are capable of getting insurance or else pay the proper fines and not get visa coverage. This is needed to ensure that people will still be able to stay as legal residents of the city.

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