Airport lounge access in UAE

An airport lounge is a place accessed by the premium customers to relax until they board their flight. The Airport lounges in the UAE region are known for their best services and unique features. They provide various facilities like comfortable seating, spa, nap area, play area, smoke zones, food & beverages, charging points, etc.

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There are 9 international airports in UAE region with different airport lounges in each of them that provides high privileges to the travelers. Airport lounges are not limited to premium customers, there are a few ways where everyone can avail the privileges provided.

Ways to get airport lounge access in UAE  

Be a business class passenger

Passengers who travel in a business or first class can get access to airport lounges in the UAE airports. Most of the airline companies provide benefits like complimentary meals, access to the airport lounges, etc., for their business class or first class ticket buyers. The free airport lounge access is provided for that day. Apart from being a business class passenger, airlines offer lounge privileges to frequent flyers. So, if you are a frequent flyer of a particular airline then be prepared to experience the airport lounge privileges.  

Credit card

There are several banks providing credit cards with travel benefits in UAE. Amongst the different travel benefits, one common feature is access to airport lounges. Credit card users with high travel privileges on the card can avail free access to airport lounges. There are various airport lounge access credit cards that can be beneficial for the travelers. On a few credit cards, the cardholder can be accompanied by a guest to the lounge. These travel credit cards provide access to airport lounges in the UAE region and other places as well.

ADCB Lounge access:
Amongst the credit cards, ADCB is known for providing airport lounge benefits on most of the ADCB credit cards. Both ADCB Visa and Mastercard users can avail access to airport lounges. They provide unlimited access to more than 800 lounges worldwide with no/low charges for the guest accompanied. Airport lounge benefits can be availed by primary and supplementary cardholders as well.

Mastercard Lounge access:
Mastercard world customers can get access to airport lounges globally on low/no charges. The entry charges to the lounge depend on the credit card. Mastercard holders can avail complimentary benefits like refreshments, internet, newspaper, etc., at the lounges. These benefits can be availed by the LoungeKey membership.

Book Online

There are quite a few online portals available to get an entry pass for the airport lounge in UAE.  Travelers can book their access for that particular day or get a monthly, quarterly or annual membership pass. Some of the best websites that can be used to book a pass to the airport lounge in UAE, is LoungeBuddy, Priority Pass, Lounge Pass, etc.

Pay and Enter  

Some of the airport lounges in UAE, offer pay and enter facility for the travelers. Flyers can enter the airport lounge, pay the amount for that day and avail the high privileges provided. They can also avail membership for a month/year. But if the lounge is filled, then paying at door doesn’t work, so consider this option less recommended.

Airport lounges are definitely useful if you are expecting a private space while traveling. The Etihad Diamond First Class Lounge in Abu Dhabi airport is one of the best airport lounges in the world. Apart from Etihad diamond lounge, Marhaba Lounge and AL Reem lounge are known for providing high privileges. Even though access to these lounges is quite expensive, they are totally worth the cost.

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