Lounge Key is an online app that helps travelers to avail airport lounge benefits quickly and easily on no charges. Credit cardholders can register themselves on the loungekey website and get complimentary access to 800+ airport lounges globally.

Lounge Key has tied up with more than 800 airport lounge hosts worldwide in order to provide free access to various benefits at the lounges. The working of LoungeKey is quite simple which involves just the registration process.

Lounge Key Registration

Once a new credit card is activated, the cardholder gets a message on being eligible to avail LoungeKey benefits.

  • Visit the link given by the card issuer
  • Register on the portal by giving basic information like name, phone number, etc.
  • Enter your 16 digit credit card number which shows your eligibility
  • Once the card details are verified you are a member of LoungeKey

Working of LoungeKey

  • Login on the LoungeKey portal with your credentials
  • Enter the airport you are going to visit
  • Check the loungekey partnered lounges available at that airport
  • Visit the airport lounge and identify yourself as LoungeKey member
  • They may request the cardholder to swipe the card or show it for confirmation
  • Once the verification is done, you can avail the airport lounges privileges

Cardholders need to show their passport and boarding pass as well in order to get access to the airport lounge.

LoungeKey members can have a guest(s) accompanied them to the lounge. The charges for the guest entry depends on the card. On a few credit cards, there are no charges for having a guest accompanied, whereas few card issuers charge a nominal fee.

Lounge Key Partnered Credit Cards in UAE

LoungeKey has partnered with reputed banks in UAE to provide high travel benefits to the credit cardholders. Some of the credit cards that provide LoungeKey benefits are:

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Shukran World or Visa Infinite credit card holders can register on LoungeKey and avail complimentary access to the airport lounges worldwide. Both the primary and supplementary cardholders can get free access to the lounge.
Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card: One guest can get free lounge access along with the cardholder.
Standard Chartered Shukran World Credit Card: $27 is charged per guest accompanied to the lounge.


HSBC Premier Credit Card users can get access to the airport lounge via LoungeKey on discounted price. Card holders can avail television, newspapers, refreshments, etc as complimentary.

First Abu Dhabi Bank(FAB)

FAB Visa Infinite Card and Visa Signature Card users can get free access to 650+ airport lounges anywhere in the world.
FAB Visa Infinite Card: One guest can accompany them to the lounge on no charges.

FAB Visa Signature Card: No entry charges for the cardholders. On having guests, $27 is charged per guest.

Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD Platinum Credit Card holders get free access to the best airport lounges in the world via Lounge Key. There are nominal charges levied on having guest(s) accompanied to the lounge.


Most of the ADCB credit card holders can get free access to the airport lounges being an ADCB Lounge Key member. Both the primary and supplementary card holders can get free access to the lounges and avail high privileges.

Points to be noted about Lounge Key:

Before availing airport lounge benefits using your Lounge Key membership there are certain things that need to be overlooked.

  • Free access to guest depends on the card issuer
  • Cardholders need to provide their credit cards while availing services via Lounge Key
  • Only cardholder can avail the lounge benefits. The staff at the lounge may verify the name on the boarding pass and the credit card
  • Children can avail access on guest category

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